While it’s true that man cannot live on bread alone, man should certainly not have to live without bread.

Case in point — This wax paper bag I hold in my hand from La Colombe holds within it various croissants, some with just a buttery glaze, some with sesame seeds, and some with chocolate tucked inside them like a dream.

I am drinking hot coffee now holding this wax paper bag in my hand, feeling its smoothness, also like butter, and thinking of how good they will be to eat in a few hours on the road, traveling through snow-bitten highways back to Syracuse.

In between eating bread, I may take a smoke, or may drink a bit of bubbly water, only to have the bread fill me back up again — a sense of completeness and grounding to this earth bread is.

Bread, while potentially dangerous and bad for my inner (and outer) fat-kid, is a beautiful thing in life that should be enjoyed by people. Not unlike jacuzzis, beer showers, or long afternoon naps.

Bread is our awareness of existence, of feeling alive in this moment, through our stomach and senses and searching for some sense of meaning.

Bread is flesh — resurrected plantstuff carrying us through the long cold night.

Thank God for bread…

No man, woman, or child should be without bread.

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