Why Entrepreneurs Need More Than Hard Work

As a new entrepreneur and business owner, the past 6 months have been filled with an obsessive drive to work harder than I have ever worked in my life. From researching at 2am to forgetting lunch in order to send a barrage of emails to potential clients and investors — I’ve been infected with the entrepreneur bug. And want to know the truth? It hasn’t really been great for my body, mind, or spirit. Furthermore, I’m staring to learn that growing my business requires more from me than hard work — it requires my happiness.

Stress does a number on you. From gaining weight to losing sleep and headaches, I’ve definitely experienced an overload of stress in 2016. Here’s he point of this post: stress is deadly to your self and your business. A healthy business should be a holistic extension of its founders — including philosophy, culture, and the things that drive you forward. When your mired in stress you can’t see the forest through the trees — and no matter how hard you work, your business will wither and eventually die.

So what’s the remedy? Balance — duh! I’ve started taking up the things I love again (music, books, playing outdoors) and have also started taking more time to do those things I know my body, spirit, and mind need (sleep, exercise, meditation). The result? I finally feel like myself again — and my business is now coming into its own and manifesting into clear, strategic pathways of success.

We create our world through our perception and reaction to situations. Constant worry and stress will bring you down, and as an extension of your self, it will bring your business to the ground.

Do you business a favor — relearn how to live and find room for those things you love and that bring you peace.

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