Why I Became Intentionally Homeless in San Francisco
Kristin Hanes

I can not understand the math or the premise of the story. Consider:

“In the first 40 days alone, I paid off $3,700 in debt and saved $2,500 on rent.”

So that would be an income of $6200 in 1.33 months or $4662 per month. Unless the money saved was 100 percent invested in debt payments, but to me it sounds as if the money was actually saved. Because:

“After four months, I was cash positive. I paid off all my debt and had thousands stowed away for the future.”

If all debt was paid off and thousands were stowed away for the future — is this basically just the rent money that went into the savings account?

If so, what would have prohibited the author from staying in an apartment and paying the debt off *within four months* and then starting to save thousands no longer needed to pay off the debt *after* the fact?

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