Crowning the Best Speller in Austin

Can you even spell chiaroscurist?

This city is buzzing because we are finally proud to announce who owns the title of Best Speller in Austin! It was a grueling competition, but after several hours, we finally had our champion. And the honey on top? We raised over $1,000 for Austin Bat Cave’s free writing programs for kids! Way to go, spellers.

The winner of Austin Bat Cave’s First Annual Buzzed Bee Competition is Ari Gernaat! The secret to her word prowess? Ari told us: “I am a mechanical engineer who reads way too much. I’m going to crush the competition by being the dark horse — who suspects someone in STEM to be good with words?”

There you have it. You never should have turned your back on the engineer, English nerds. You deserved to be crushed by the Juggernaat.

Fifteen spellers. Right before their hopes were crushed.
Our winner, Ari Gernaat!

All proceeds from the Buzzed Bee support Austin Bat Cave’s free writing programs for kids. To learn more about our organization, check out our website!