Construction Intelligence

Eyrus: Real-Time Trade Resource Reporting and Analytics

Recently, I ran across a really unique software solution being implemented within the Construction industry. It’s so unique that I had to take the time to write something about it. The platform is called Eyrus™ and here’s what it’s all about…

Construction intelligence sounds like an oxymoron. Even more “oxymoronic” — don’t bother looking that one up — is a perceived lack of applied intelligence as it relates to an industry that employs over 6 million employees and creates nearly $1 trillion worth of structures each year. Yet, the notion has credible merit.

Historically, Construction has been seen as a conservative industry. The techniques and materials used have essentially been unchanged since the introduction of mechanization in the early part of the twentieth century. It’s an old school industry where the “boys become men” and ride on the same classic resistant-to-change arguments. Don’t believe me? Just ask the numbers. KPMG International’s Global Construction Survey taken in 2016 found that “despite substantial investments, the construction industry is struggling to gain the full benefits of technologies,” especially as it relates to data and analytics. Geno Armstrong, International Sector Leader, Engineering & Construction, KPMG in the US says that the survey responses in effect,

“…reflect the [construction] industry’s innate conservatism towards technologies, with most firms content to follow rather than lead”

Recently though, there seems to be a change in the air. Perhaps due to the wave of Millennials entering the workforce, or the internet, or the pollen…Who knows? Fact is, EPC firms are beginning to understand the competitive advantage to be gained from technological based driven solutions; and, becoming increasingly more aware of the huge potential for technology and its abilities to speed up project progress, mitigate risk, increase productivity, improve accuracy, safety, and decrease a wide range of human performance errors (just to name a few). Rational operator: Proactive Management > Reactive Management

To achieve good project management in construction, firms must vigorously pursue the efficient utilization of labor, material and equipment. Sound familiar? That’s cause it is. For many years, other industries have been investing large amounts of capital and other resources into their technology solutions in the pursuit of “effective project management.” So the good news is, with the rest of the world having such a strong technological base, there should be no reason why the construction industry cannot catch up and reassert itself to meet competition wherever it may be.

Introducing Eyrus™.

Eyrus™ provides real-time, accurate, onsite trade resource data and project analytics for the owner, lender, architect, general contractor and subcontractor — available anywhere, any time, from any web-connected device.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contractor submits Master Schedule/Project Plan to Eyrus™
  • Data Collection Systems (DCS) are installed at controlled access points at the job site. DCS records each time a person/piece of equipment enters and exits the job site and then seamlessly sends the information to the cloud.
  • Project participants can gain access to the data through any connected device. Labor hours are recorded and an overlay is produced against the Master Schedule, showing projected vs actual hours.

But, that’s not all…

The data is presented in a very transparent and user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard gives you a real-time, high-level overview of your projects, including detailed reports of hours planned and hours expended, broken down by CSI division, individual company, or trades-person. You can see at-a-glance which projects and contractors are on schedule and which are falling behind.

Currently, the team at Eyrus™ is focused strictly on tackling the specific issue of productivity as it relates to labor. Effectively managing labor productivity is the “low hanging fruit” and a good start in increasing construction performance and margin. Labor constitutes more than half of all construction costs and the quantity of labor hours in performing a task in construction is more susceptible to the influence of management than are materials or capital. Labor productivity should be a major and continual concern of those who are responsible for cost control of constructed facilities!

Onward & Upward

Not to downplay my excitement for the introduction of this radical software, but what’s even more incredible about this product is that it has the potential to become so much more than just recording labor hours. Think about it…integrating procurement, material and tools inventory, tolerances as it relates to as-built vs design, security, video stream of onsite activity. All at your fingertips, all at one location. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and forgot to mention how well Eyrus™ acts as a collaborative tool for any project team. Gone are the days of what we like to call “non-transparent management.” See ya later powerpoints, spreadsheet project updates, and the potential for misinformation, and miscommunication!

Eyrus™ has the potential to be a fully vertical project management tool, a true platform in every sense of the word. In essence, Eyrus™ is creating a platform revolution in the construction industry!

Whether you accept it or not, the truth lies within the data.

At the end of the day:

Accurate and transparent management of onsite trade resources can improve project reporting, reduce the cost and consequences of disputes, help keep projects on schedule, and reduce overall project risk.