Day 192, First day as a Dev!!

Austin Beaufort

It was exciting to have my first day as a professional Jr. Full Stack Developer and meet all the people I will be working with!

Orientation things today, lots of reading and signing papers. Trying to get a feel for the company. Did get to read pretty heavily over airbnb eslint rules found here:

I guess that is the formatting style we’ll be using when writing JavaScript.

Oh! and I learned about Gitlab. It’s like Github, well they both use git anyways… not exactly sure what the differences are, but will be finding out soon as we are using gitlab for our projects!

That’s it for my first professional day of development!

Also (for privacy sake I won’t use names), epic shoutout to the recruiter who gave me a chance to get into this industry! Thank you, I’ll try my very best!

and for all the other recruiters out there, give people a chance, geez…

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