Common Conquest

Jameson, a mediator of the heavenlies by the will of God;

To my commissioned man on earth, the faithful follower:

What would you say is the undisputed heavyweight champion of your future? What do you think makes up the microfibers that line the very fabric in which you exist and propel yourself? What would you suppose is the greatest, most coveted God-given resource you have? Time. Unstoppable and profoundly powerful, time as a force should be considered your most precious commodity on earth. It is written in the laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, decision and consequence that what you do with your time will determine your future. How you spend the finite sequential moments of your existence on earth will not only determine your future, but it will also be the measurable means through which The Teacher himself will ultimately judge then reward you upon.

So, I ask you, Son of God, what did you do with the gifts Dad gave you? Did you spend your time using them to help others and glorify Him? Or did you allow the enemy’s earthly vices take stronghold in your heart and mind? Did you reflect that wickedness in the space time of your existence? Did you recognize your talents as gifts from Him? Thank Him for them? Use them for divine good and allow Him to further them as a result of these good works? Even if you do recognize them but allow them to remain dormant and therefore waste them to laziness and apathy you will surely still be the cause of a great disappointment and sickness in the heart of our Father. God wants you to use the gifts He has given you to glorify Him. He wants you to use them to find and further your divine purpose on earth.

Believe it or not, you are a time traveler. You may be a one-way time traveler, yet you are still hurling through life one day, one hour, one second at a time. Your earth suit is your vessel; your thoughts, emotions and actions the means by which you travel. Time is all around you. It’s every moment you endure. Time is in your memories; it is in your hopes for the future. All those moments past present are shaped by what? The now. Your history, where you came from and the direction you travel are determined by the moment you are presently in. What you do right now will be left behind in history as a testament to your character. People remember you by your actions. You will predetermine either a wasted future or a meaningful one. Each decision, each “now” moment is ever more important than the last. I urge you to leave a righteous trail in history to which your good name will be attached. Equip yourself with God-knowledge to ensure your handling of the current moment is one of which that will catapult you to a destiny within your divine purpose to spring about a bright future.

Let’s examine time a little more closely. More specifically, the time in which you operate versus God’s time.

Time, as man understands it, was made by God during creation. The moment he initiated that first perpetual movement and thus giving birth to day and night, man’s unidirectional time began. You operate in a one-dimensional type of space time. You can only travel in one direction and you cannot stop it. So if you accept the fact that you cannot stop time, you must accept the fact that you have to spend the time you are given. You can’t save it for later and you cannot spend it backwards. Your only option is to spend time forward so you might as well make the best of it. Don’t spend your now moment foolishly wasteful by obsessing over your history. Don’t let a moment from your past take you hostage and define your future. You must also be cautious to not lose the value of your now moment by focusing too much on your next moment.

Do you remember going to the amusement park as a child? You ran around in a funnel caked-fueled frenzy high on pure adolescent excitement pointing to all the rides you wanted to go on. Every time you would get on a ride you would already be pointing to the next one you wanted to get on. You were too busy looking at the next moment to enjoy the present one. You’ve always had an insatiable appetite for more. Become full in your spirit and you will be satisfied in your heart. Look around you and take note of all your blessings even in less than favorable circumstances and you will see God. To be full in your spirit and to know God deeply will allow you to remain content in the present without foolishly longing for the next moment. Enjoy the now, for it is the time in which our Father gave you to spend immediately with purpose and joy.

God is omnipotent, meaning he has unlimited power. He is omnipresent and ubiquitous, which tells us He is in all places at the same time; He is everywhere. We also know that God has knowledge of all things which tells us that He is omniscient. Because you believe all these things to be true, you must understand and believe that God operates In an omni-directional dimension of time.

Where you are bound or limited by time, God as no limits. It is only for the sake of relation between God in heaven and man on earth through which He works that we even mention God and time together. Because once you arrive in heaven, there is no time. There is only eternity and I tell you, friend, it is magnificent. So when I tell you of God’s time think of it as in relation to you and how He interacts with you on earth.

Doesn’t it seem like you are always waiting for something? Waiting for a stoplight to turn green, waiting for break time at work, waiting for an appointment, waiting for a vacation that’s months away? Stop. God doesn’t want you to wait. Waiting is a state of mind, not an action. Waiting brings about anxiety and discomfort. Our Father doesn’t want these unpleasant feelings for you. Instead, be at peace with where you are. Breathe. Pray. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at any given time. God doesn’t act and react when it’s convenient for you. He doesn’t look at what you have on the agenda and then adjust his work accordingly. Just remember that He will give you exactly what you need when you need it. When you rid yourself of the waiting state of mind you will experience a new kind of peace.

Moses once wrote that a thousand years are like one day to God and the Apostle Peter states in his second letter to us that:

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness.”

Both Moses and Peter were trying to convey the fact that God doesn’t operate on man’s time table. You only understand the concept of slow and fast as they relate to your 24-hour clock. If it weren’t for your perception of time within the idea of a 24-hour clock, slow and fast would not exist. And because God’s time is eternal and His power unlimited and unbound by man’s concept of time, you should not question the speed at which He works in your life. Our Father is always right on time. Prayer will move the hand of God when that movement is in accordance with His will for you, so long as you ask for His will to be done and not your own. Therefore, do not fret over your troubles nor the brevity or length of your walk in them. After all, your existence on earth will seem minuscule upon your introduction to the magnificence which is waiting for you on the other side.

So treasure your time as the precious resource it is and treat it as such. Use your gifts and the momentous power of the ticking clock to bulldog your way through adversity while fulfilling your purpose. Do not live for your now moment, live in it and live for God.



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