Inaugural Industry Night…

The inaugural industry night for comic, animation and gaming industry in Nigeria held on the 31st of March 2017. With creators, illustrators, companies talking about the way forward for the industry and how we can make it better.

Ayodele Elegba, the man behind the idea/convener and also organizer of the Lagos comic convention(Lagos Comic Con), gave a great opening remark for the need for organisationin the industry, which is the only way the industry can grow. He talked about the strengthen of the Association, and importance for every member to be involved in the progress made so far to take it to a greater height.

Ayodele Elegba

Also talked about in the meeting was the issue of the growth of copy-cats among comic artists/studios and a need to respect the work being put in by original creators, he said there are so many stories to tell about Africa and was surprise why some studios were copying or imitating others.

Also speaking on that day was Mby Johnson of Basement Animation, who spoke on the growth of the animation industry, and that its about time we start going main stream with our animation, instead of doing solely contractual projects.

As usual, there was also sales/exhibition of comics and merchandises by comic creators and networking.

Comic republic

The next meeting will be holding at the end of April, and as the organiser (Ayodele Elegba) said “It will be more strategic”.

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