Accountability and Success: What You Really Need To No

Let’s start today’s article off with a thought experiment.

If I give you one million dollars in order to do a task, your deadline is over forty years, and I will never ask for the money back nor follow up with you, but do expect you do the task, what will you do?

Most people will take the money.

It seems like a pretty fair deal right? You get essentially unlimited time to complete this task (and the task is something which takes time) and there is no one watching over you, putting you to work.

Who knows if 15–30 years go by and you forget about the task, the money is spent, and I am not messaging you about anything (or at that time telepathically communicating via the chip installed into out brains.)

Herein lies a major problem.


What Accountability Actually Helps You With

When New Year’s Eve rolls around we all see the same overcrowded gyms, extensive juice bar lines, and people parading about a new diet they are starting.

“A New Year A New You”



Three weeks later it seems like 75% of people drop off from their courageous plans and start reverting to their old ways only to wait 11 months until they can finally start changing again.

Accountability is the reason that this fails year after year.

People, instead of striving for consistency, push as hard as possible with nothing there to keep them accountable but a loose promise they made to their friends.

Why are personal trainers more popular than ever?

Well because people are finally realizing the true potential of using an accountability measure that exceeds their weak mental promises to their benefit.

We, on the other hand, will make things different.

We will ensure that we are both accountable and taking things to another level one step at a time.

How To Use Accountability to Create Success

Accountability and success go hand in hand.

If we ensure that we are creating an accountable measure, and follow through with it, whatever the task may be, we will become successful.

So, below is a couple of awesome ways to increase accountability (and an offer to anyone who truly wants to be more accountable.)

Increasing Accountability Through Social Media

“Oh, my god why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, you probably at one point have used social media as an accountability measure.

You go online and end up posting about something you are doing later, people follow up with you and you feel obligated to do it.

Whether that be a facebook event invite or even you tweeting something out that get’s retweeted over and over again.

Virality is an awesome form of accountability.

With this knowledge we can do a couple of awesome things:

  • Post pictures of our up and coming goals to Instagram (or our body if we are trying to lose weight)
  • Start a facebook group with whatever you are trying to be accountable in
  • Create a Youtube channel to document your progress and start building a following.

The worst thing that can happen to do any of those is that you start a massive social media following which takes over your life and has you working full time on something you love.

This actually happened to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits when he wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.

Now he runs a massively popular blog and makes his living off of helping others achieve habits.

Creating Accountability With Loss

One of the most fantastic ways to truly create accountability is to tie it with some type of loss.

A lot of times people use the money, or vacations or something they really want.

What if I said, “If you don’t lose 15lbs by the end of the year I get your car?”

And the kicker is you had to do it.

Well, i think we would be in a far different position and you would be around, I don’t know, 15 lbs lighter.

So setting up an accountability measure where you lose something may be an amazing key to achieving success in whatever you set out for.

Here are few examples of what you could do in order to create accountability through loss:

  1. Give a friend a reasonable amount of money and time frame of what you have to achieve… If you can’t they donate it to a charity you don’t like
  2. Start a competition amongst friends where one person wins the prize while everyone else looses (and sign a contract so you can’t back out)
  3. Try using the app PACT which rewards you when you follow through, but withdraws money when you don’t

Creating Accountability With A Coach

Lastly, we have using a coach to help create and keep accountability.

There is a reason personal trainers are so prominent at gyms, people are members of countless amounts of facebook groups, and you always feel bad letting down someone.

People use people for accountability more than ever.

And through people, accountability and success are more achievable than ever.

In all reality, the legitimacy of most coaches is slim to none, but they seem to elicit so many amazing results.

The reason is that they are accountability for whoever needs it.

For you goals, if you feel you need a coach, and the accountability more than anything else I suggest finding one.

And I am willing to make you an offer.

If you are looking for a more hands-on life coaching approach, where you will learn habits, productivity skills, how to sleep better, and achieve anything, email me at

I will reach out to you with details.

But, I want you to make sure you want and need the accountability.

Otherwise, I will provide you with whatever you need to start achieving great things for free.

Remember accountability and success can go hand in hand if you make them.


Originally published at on June 25, 2016.