Create These Habits BEFORE Turning 30

1. Wake Up Early

“The early bird gets the worm”

Each morning I wake up and perform my morning routine (more on that later) followed by jumping into work with plenty of accomplishments and daily tasks complete.

Which is key to my productivity.

This can be seen in many of the great minds today.

Getting up early creates a silent situation in which you can meditate, work without distraction and truly get stuff done without your phone, computer and environment pinging you with distractions.

2. Follow An Ordered Schedule

Schedules are important, and anyone who goes without one for even a week knows the feeling of being thrown off track with distractions, excuses and little to no work completed.

On the other hand, a solid schedule allows you to pop into flow state almost effortlessly checking off task after task.

Not only does an ordered schedule allow you to jump into flow easily, but it also allows you to break down big tasks and separate the requirements into appropriate time.

If you’re like me, constantly working to get something done, then you need to have an ordered schedule.

A quick bonus tip is to set your morning up with mini-accomplishments followed by your major task of the day.

As Mark Twain said “eat the frog first thing in the morning

Make time for breaks, segment your tasks throughout the day, and ensure that at times when you feel burnt out you start to incorporate other activities that aren’t as draining like reading a good book or researching.

3. But Don’t Make Your Schedule Too Rigid

Some people schedule their day too rigidly.

To the point of knowing when they use the bathroom.

I mean WTF.

Not everything in life is up to you, heck most things that take you out of your schedule are out of your control.

If you go over in a meeting, end up being stuck in traffic, or god forbid having to use the bathroom a bit early because of that take-out food, it should be fine.

That’s why before turning 30, and really at any age, it is detrimentally important to schedule but allow for leniency.

Make sure your not backing yourself into a corner with appointments or you won’t be able to fulfill #30 and most everything else that makes a good habit.

4. Get A Good Night’s Sleep As Often As Possible

Sleep is important.

I mean seriously important.

1/3rd of your life is spent sleeping, or it should be.

Make sure you are getting good sleep, especially by 30.

Those who sleep longer have less stress, better hormonal profiles, better quality of living and are all around healthier.

More Sleep = Better Life.

Enough said about that (check out the Sleep Solution or this article on insomnia to drastically improve your sleep today.)

5. Fuel Yourself Based On Activity Levels

Losing fat, building muscle, staying healthy.

They all come down to eating, moving and your stress levels.

But, a struggle I see a lot of people face is that they don’t know how to fuel themselves based on activity levels properly.

If you’re working all day at a factory or some grueling laborious job, then you’re going to need a lot more of the stress minerals and calories to downregulate your system.

On the other hand, sitting at a desk all day (which I do not recommend) paired with an abundance of calories and the improper food is going to lead to increased risk of disease and unnecessary weight gain.

Living life moderately and fueling yourself appropriately is something that everyone should get down by at least 30.

6. Focus On One Major Thing At a Time

Spreading yourself thin is the last thing that you want to do.

This goes for in most aspects of life.

If you’re trying to learn both French and Spanish, usually you wouldn’t try to learn both at the same time.

Master one then move on to the next (or at least get the fundamentals down.)

The same goes for work, one major task at a time.

Stop trying to do a million tasks and start doing less, more meaningful tasks.

7. Your Mom Was Right, Stand Up Straight

Here’s the truth, standing up straight is very important for not only your posture but how you view yourself.

I’ll be writing a post on this soon.

Although, here’s the brief lesson.

Amy Cuddy studied how testosterone and other hormones are affected in different postures. More dominance in a males posture leads to more free T, while less dominance leads to less free T.

Add to that the fact that people with better confidence, more dominance, and a higher status hold themselves highly, and a good standing posture leads to a higher evaluation from others as well as oneself.

Try this right now:

  • Stand like a string is holding you up
  • Get your head looking forward
  • Feet pointing forward and bit wider than shoulder length
  • Place your hands by your side.

How do you feel?

Maybe it’s uncomfortable now, but learn to settle in this posture, and you will feel a world of difference.

8. Stop Guessing and Get Your Blood Tested

Getting “healthy” is on the minds of our society.

With obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer’s as prominent as the food that can cause them, often we turn to “what experts say works.”

While the data can support almost anything, the best thing to do is get your blood and hair tested.

Knowing what nutrient deficiencies or incongruities you have will be detrimental to reaching the utmost health.

You won’t have to spend excess money on B.S. supplements, just get your blood tested and go from there.

9. Start Using A Redlight

Okay well, this isn’t a “habit” this is something that has truly helped me in life.

Red light has so many amazing benefits to back it up.

Of them a relaxation of the body and improvement in the bioenergetics of our cells.

And quite honestly, using it daily or multiple times a week is a habit in my books.

One of the best on Amazon can be found here — → Infrared/Red Light

10. Get into The Sun Everyday

One of the reasons the sun is so beneficial is because of the full light spectrum that is emitted from it, and of that red light comes in a hefty dose.

Although so do UVB rays or the UV rays that code for vitamin D.

On top of that, getting sunlight into the eyes helps to strengthen the ciliary muscles and eradicate melatonin from the bloodstream in the morning so you can be full of energy.

This is something that dissipates as life goes on.

We avoid the sun.

Don’t do that.

Make it a habit to get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight a day, you’ll thank me later.

Being outdoors is how humans thrive.

11. Mimic Nature In Your Workspace and Home

Most people don’t realize that the more they are outside, the better they feel, the clearer they think and in all reality the healthier they are.

The outdoors have so much associated with them.

Lately, there’s even a fad called forest bathing where you go into the forest for long periods of time for health reasons.

That’s why I say to mimic nature in the indoors.

And there are a couple of ways to do that.

  1. Place plants strategically in your house or office (it will purify the air and release beneficial chemicals)
  2. Use pictures of nature around your office that you can look at.
  3. Have an oil diffuser with pine needles and other nature scents.

Each of these methods work, but another way to effortlessly accomplish this is just to go outside on walks through nature during the day.

12. Learn To Be Self-Dependent

How many people do your rely on?

Probably too many, actually anything over you is pretty much too many.

Although, I understand that teamwork is beneficial, one major lesson to learn is how to be self-dependent.

In any situation, you are the one who decides what you do, who to be and how to do what you need to, and the only way to truly create the life you want is by being self-dependent.

That doesn’t mean cutting off ties to relationship and family, but not depending on them.

Getting rid of that relationship where a mandatory hourly text needs to be sent, or a night out with friends doesn’t fit into your schedule is crucial.

Cut through that B.S.

13. When The Trash Needs To Be Taken Out, Take It Out

Playing off #12 it is important to act when you need to.

If the trash can is full, take it out, don’t wait for Johnny to do it because it is his turn.

Get used to acting immediately at the things that need to be done, and then you will effortlessly go through life without all the whining and complaining when you NEED to do certain tasks.

On that note, acting immediately will help you dive into a flow state and get more done that you ever have.

14. Start Talking To Everyone (and Branch Out)

A skill that should be mastered by 30 is the ability to freely talk to anyone.

People are people

That’s what I tell everyone.

When someone is afraid to approach a girl, well she’s just a person.

When someone needs to act on authority, meet someone new, socialize at a party, it seems almost impossible with the social anxiety caused by today’s social atmosphere.

There are cliques, groups and everything else that doesn’t seem to want to integrate people.

Although, by talking to everyone you see during the day, reinforcing eye contact and practicing conversational skills you become able to talk to anyone and create relationships effortlessly.

15. Meditate

One of my favorite habits to build by far is meditation.

It is just incredible for the brain, body, and ego.

By meditating daily you can get health benefits like reduced blood pressure, better adaptation to stress and recovery from injury, plus so much more.

You get to know yourself better while improving your ability to purge your mind of incoherent and bad thoughts.

Meditation is a habit that should be taught in elementary schools.

ADD or ADHD would be completely eradicated had the child been able to control their thoughts and emotions based on the principles of mediation.

Here’s a quick, simple meditation:

  • Sit down with your back straight in a wakeful posture but not stressed
  • Place your hands gently on the lap or on each knee
  • Take three big breathes in and out
  • Let the breathing return to normal without effort
  • Follow the breath in and out

Do this for about 5–20 minutes 1–2 times a day

It will drastically change your life and perception of those around you, and allow you to handle the ups and downs of life.

16. Commit To Exercising a Few Times A Week

Between 3–5 times a week is ideal.

I mean quite honestly going on a few long walks and training with some weights is all you need to get into and stay in incredible shape.

For me, I ensure to be physically active and stay active every day (using a standing desk and frequent walks.)

While in the gym I am training various bodyweight/gymnastic movements and aiming to lift heavy weights once a week.

Besides that I am active and moving through the ROM (range of motions) that humans should go through.

That’s it, keep it easy and manageable.

17. Go On Long Walks

Walking has been a habit of most of the great creatives and leaders of our history.

Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sigmund Freud, Charles Dickens.

All of these great historical landmarks, if I can call them that, would go on walks daily.

Some vigorous, some more for pleasure, but a synthesis of their habitual environment shows consistency in their walking each and every day.

The reason that this is a great habit to get down before turning 30 is that not only is an excellent way to get a bit of exercise and movement throughout your day, but walking has been shown to increase productivity, boost blood flow to the brain and keep the body in momentum.

Walking is amazing.

It’s also so simple to put into a day.

Try adding in a walk at lunch, a walk before or after school or work, and even walking meetings and phone calls count.

Just try to get moving more often.

18. Create and Stick To A Morning Routine

In the morning, you determine how the rest of your day goes.

Each and every morning is metaphorical reset and refresh for your productivity, energy and just about everything else in your life.

If you take advantage of the morning through the utilization of a morning routine, then you will see vast benefits to your health, well-being, and accomplishments.

What does the perfect morning routine look like?

Well, I like to sum it up to hitting on a few key elements or mini-accomplishments.

Mine looks like this:

  • 6:00–6:40 a.m. — Wake up
  • Brush Teeth and Bathroom
  • 10–20 Minutes of Meditation
  • Sunlight (1–2 minutes)
  • 5–10 Minutes of Stretching and Join Mobilization
  • Shower (5 Minutes)
  • Audiobook (Shoe Dog right now) and cooking a light breakfast (or making coffee if I am fasting)
  • Supplements
  • Practice Italian and HTML learnings
  • 1–2 Chapters from a Book (Currently Choose Yourself by James Altucher)

That’s it.

Okay, I know that’s a lot, but hitting four facets will set your day up for success.

  1. Learn Something
  2. Get Moving
  3. Use Spirituality or Meditation to Put Yourself In a Positive Mindstate
  4. Do Something for your health

That’s quick and concise, but even if you have twenty minutes, it should be easy to hit all four of those facets.

19. Have Major Goals You Are Working Towards

Goals are important.

Goals are everything. They are the driving force for what you do and why you do it.

If you don’t know what your goals are and have a habit of making sure that you are working towards them, then what are you working on?

While it’s hard to quantify this as a “habit,” you can turn it into actualizing and pursue your major goals each and every day, doing at least one thing that brings you closer to them a day.

As for me, building a vast meaningful network of influential people I can provide value to, has me reaching out to everyone I meet and subsequently created the next habit that everyone should learn before turning 30.

20. Connect With Those You Meet

In other words, network.

Networking isn’t slimy, it shouldn’t be shady, and it fact I think it is beneficial to both parties, especially if you network correctly.

First of all, utilize your skills when networking, and ensure that you are providing value first.

No one wants to be around an energy sap, so don’t be one.

On the other hand, connecting with those you meet (via Facebook, any social platform or the occasional “how are you text”) keeps you in their minds and ensures that a relationship can be built.

When you meet someone and click, you shouldn’t hesitate to follow up with them.

It’s something that allows people to get into office.

It’s one of the main reasons Bill Clinton is as powerful and successful as he is today.

Bill is a pretty spectacular man, but one thing he does best is making your interaction with him feel instantly personal while ensuring that he never forgets those he meets.

During his life, he has mastered writing down personal information about those he meets and wants to remember on a notecard, then reviewing it at night.

An expert networker some would say.

Before your 30 getting to know those you meet is crucial as having a social backing can proliferate your success and ability to reach those goals effortlessly.

21. Truly Love Yourself

This is probably one of the biggest and most important lessons that anyone can learn

To love yourself

Bet on yourself, choose yourself, vote for yourself and most importantly love yourself.

Almost a concept lost in our society, loving yourself allows you to be you and free at that truly.

Poor, rich, successful, not-so-successful, if you love yourself, you will always be better off than not.

One of my favorite books and the one that convinced me of this is “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it,” which takes about 45–60 minutes to read but adds years of value to your life.

This is so crucial to a fulfilled, happy, and successful life.

Love yourself and everything seems to fall into place.

22. Don’t Accumulate Debt (and Pay Off What You Have)

If you’ve ever looked into the creation of money, paper money literally was created to represent debt and what one owed.

Before our civilization, we traded goods for goods, going directly from say a Cow to a quilt for the night (I have no idea the conversion rates to monetary value sorry!)

Now, as people wanted more and more but couldn’t necessarily trade for it, they started to accumulate debt and with it, the paper that signified debt and the paying of it via work or goods.

This was the creation of money.

On the other hand, there is chronic debt in our society from student payments , mortgages, and our overabundance of consumer driven purchases.

Don’t accumulate debt.

If you want that house, if you want a brand new car, or just about anything, it comes down to credit and your evaluation to the banks.

By the time you are 30, you are looking to get to traveling or making bigger purchases, or just about anything else that requires money.

Debt prevents you from living that free life.

Stop overspending, start paying off debt.

23. Learn To Cook (Seriously?)

I would say anyone who is even 20 and doesn’t understand how to cook is missing out on a vital skill.

Providing for yourself and feeding yourself is so important.

If your almost 30 and can’t cook, well then, how do you take care of yourself in any other manner.

And trust me the other sex won’t find that attractive.

For your health, your sanity and just being completely self-sufficient just learn to cook.

Here are a few tips to keep at hand:

  • Coconut oil and butter make most things taste good
  • Add salt and garlic
  • Utilize simplicity.
  • All you need is a sauteing pan and a spatula

When it seems too difficult just throw veggies, starch and meat in a pan with some coconut oil or butter and some salt, then cook until sufficient.

That’s it.

24. Dress Like Someone Who Cares

Dressing with style allows others to portray you as someone who cares about their appearance and puts effort into other areas in their life.

While on the other hand, not dressing well shows the opposite.

Those who “don’t care what they wear” portray to others that they don’t care about much, because they won’t even take care of themselves.

Don’t slack on yourself.

Instead, stick to the basics that fundamentally keep you looking good, and if you want to jump into it check out a man who has a spectacular taste and can help any guy look absurdly better.

Dressing appropriately can change not only how others view you, but your view of yourself.

One of my best friends and I would ensure that we looked the best we could anytime we had an outstanding exam during college and high school.

We were “dressing for success” and you should too.

25. Say “No” When You Want Too

Say no.

No is one of the most powerful words in the English dictionary.

So many people are afraid to disagree with someone, turn down an invite or request and say the word “no.”

When something arises, and you don’t want to do it, or someone asks a favor, or you get invited to an event, or someone flat out asks you a question, and you want to say no.

Just say it!!?!?!?!

Otherwise, you’re going to be in so many situations you shouldn’t and get used to being trampled over.

Be high-status and take what you want, while not doing what you don’t want to do.

Say NO.

26. But Be Open To More Adventures

While living a productive and comfortable life seems excellent, it isn’t.

Truth be told, adventures are what keep you alive.

Every story you have ever read probably involves some amazing adventure. Heck, even Forest Gump is an adventure of a lifetime condensed into a 2-hour marvelous movie.

Going on adventure sparks ideas. It revives old flames, it creates new feelings and enlivens those we thought were gone for us.

Quite simply, going on adventures keeps you alive.

Whether it be skydiving, rock climbing, traveling for the weekend to an exotic vacation or embarking to a new restaurant that just opened.

And I get it sometimes you don’t want to.

Recently, I was in a dreary mood before I was supposed to go zip-lining.

There was a storm; my mood was depressed from a day of work, and the place was an hour from where I was located.

But I made sure to go, regardless of what I thought, and immediately upon the first drop of that zip-lining track my mind state switched and I was having a blast (all the way to the point where I kicked Trent’s ass on the Zip-lining race course.)

Life isn’t measured in the monetary value someone appoints to it, but to the memories and experiences that keep you alive a lifetime.

By the age of 30, everyone should be chasing memories instead of money.

This is how.

27. Do Something That Will Make You Better Everyday

If you do something that betters yourself every day, in 1 year you will have done 365 different items improving yourself.

And you should be better.

This could even be any small task or it can be something huge.

Here’s a quick list of things that will make you better:

  • Learn a new language
  • Read a book
  • Pursue an idea
  • Write down ideas
  • Eat better
  • Workout
  • Spend time with people who mean something to you
  • Invest
  • Meet new people
  • etc..

There’s so much to do, but all you need to do is something simple from the start.

Build the momentum then keep it going, and you will be amazing in no time.

28. Learn Something New Often

Research shows that when older people retire and have no jobs, but instead sit there lazily golfing without significant life events, they subsequently die within 3–5 years.

While on the other hand, learning something new and putting it to the test (me learning Italian for an Italy trip where I get to test it out) makes life not only feel longer but provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Learning something often keeps neuronal plasticity (brain health) and keeps the mind young.

From a new form of martial arts to languages to dance lessons to how to cook, everything in which you learn new makes you better in some form or another.

So take some time and jot down something you have always wanted to learn to do or about.

And start today

Practice often and eventually it just may make your future grander than you could have imagined.

29. Read

Yes, reading is that important.

Want to know what just about every successful person in history has done?


Why? Becuase reading is essentially a distillation of important information, hours of research and work, and time/money put into the creation of a concise method of learning that information.

Add in reading biographies, and you can get into the minds of those who have accomplished just about everything and anything.

Want to learn how to build a business? Well, you can either read a few books on business building or dive into the lives of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Phil Knight and the like.

Reading opens your world to give you countless opportunities.

Start reading by the time your thirty and start thriving unlike anything imaginable.

30. Clear Out Toxic Stressors and Live Your Life.

Lastly, we have an important item.

Clearing toxic stressors

Some may be physical like cleaning your bathroom of its mold, but others are not.

And the identification of things that are holding you back in life is so important to grow as a person and ignite the success you could achieve.

First of all, your friends, family and anyone who you spend time with are an area to ensure isn’t toxic.

Then your environment; your office, where you live, work, play and eat.

Add in your daily habits, your exercise routine, your diet and just about everything else that commonly occurs in your life.

Minimize the toxins, and you can live without being on edge.

It will save you, trust me.

I know this was a lot of information, I mean it came out to be over 4000 words (which is longer than some online E programs.)

Take notes, pursue these items and you will be on your way to a heightened lifestyle.

Although to get the most out of life, don’t forget to join the community to make your life Badass now!


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