What is life?

That’s the big question.

Its a conundrum which no one can answer, because as soon as you start to try and explain it you end up thinking wrong, and saying what you feel and not what is.

Although, that is what seems life is to be, exactly what you think or feel it is.

Perception is an amazing thing.

The way you see the world can be completely counter to the way that others see the world. Heaven and hell can quite literally exist on this present earth pending on how you live.

If everyday is a blessing and you focus only on the positive it truly is heaven, while only focusing on the negative, being self deprecating and living in learned helplessness keeps you in hell.

Yet life goes even more crazy once you think about how people operate and consciousness works.

I need to start by saying I love this beautiful creation my mind crafts upon me, the struggles I face, the things i need to overcome and the magic behind every moment, but learning about it, helps me appreciate it more.

Its like learning how fine wine tastes before the first glass leading to an exquisite experience.

And that’s life.

Its not to say you can’t just live and have a great time, but there’s a certain amount of learning to live that takes place.

See if I take two people and I give one a job from birth and I teach the other how to live, how to learn and how to love who ends up living life better?

There are tons of recorded experiences of people living months in a minute, so why can’t we live centuries in a lifetime?

In this writing I am exploring my mind state so I’m sorry if it comes across brash or cluttered because this is what I am thinking about.

When we look externally, past everything we see on the surface level, what do we get.

We aren’t just sacks of skin with a conscious brain.

And I would love to argue with those who think so because their pitiful existence itself makes me want to try and help them realize the love and amazing potential they have.

But we are phenomenons.

Creatures never before seen.

We’ve been around for 100,000s of years, yet for us it seems as though we are just realizing our consciousness, that feeling of being “woke”.

Which to me is my absolute purpose.

To wake people up.

With a snap, with a quick quip, with something that shows that there is one inch more of beauty behind this world which doesn’t exhibit itself in these traditional and meaningless moticons of life but in the small things that happen everyday.

The helping hand of a friend, the call from someone you care about.

Life is beautiful

Its something to live.

It isn’t something which happens to us, you either happen to it or it fades away.

It is that simple.

Take it by the horns

Live life

Stop mopping around.

Thanks for listening to the rambling of my mindstate.