Work From Home While Mastering Productivity?

Can You Work From Home and Master Productivity?

All around people in our day and age are becoming homebodies, they work from home, or at least want to, and continue to thrive.

But how can this be? How can you work from home and create the perfect environment for increasing productivity while still thriving as though you were working from the 9–5 every day?

In this article, you will learn how to work from home and keep up your productivity better than you ever have!

Work From Home and Stay Successful

When you are working from home, it can be difficult actually to stay successful and productive consistently.

More times than not it seems people will migrate to working from home, typically on a passion project, and lose the steam that they had plentifully before leaving.

This needs to stop.

It needs to change, and you, and I will do just that, creating both a perfect work environment for increased productivity and using some of the tools from Falling Into Success to make success automated.

The ultimate goal should always be to put in the work on the front end, then allowing pieces to fall in place so you can stay successful for the rest of the time being.

Setting Up The Perfect Environment To Work From Home

This is going to be the key to the city of productivity.

If our situation and environment prove something in which we can’t perform optimally without distraction both physically and of the mind, then we will be shit out o luck.

Coincidentally, this is why many people get offices, because working from home seems to limit their ability to dive fully into the work and pay attention to what they should be doing.

Many of the great writers have created their own “office” space within their house to increase efficiency.

Like Ernest Hemingway who quite literally would put his typewriter on top of his fridges and write that way.

For our situation, we are going to want to do it a bit differently.

Let’s keep a couple of different things necessary to increase flow, productivity, and ensuring success:

  • Keeping plants in our periphery or near us to improve outlook and air quality
  • Create an environment that keeps movement in it (stand up desks are preferred)
  • Eliminate Distractions… All of them
  • Buy yourself some awesome pens and notebooks (so you will want to use them)
  • Keep a schedule

Plants in Your Surroundings

One of the keys to establishing a perfect work environment is using plants.

More specifically you probably want ones with the best bang for your buck like:

  1. Mother In Law’s Tongue
  2. Money Plant
  3. ArecaPalm

These three make your air quality enhanced while giving you the benefit of being around nature, which severely increases cognitive blood flow and productivity.

In fact, currently, people are embarking on “forest bathing” where you quite literally walk around in the forest to not only ground you but release some of the chemicals associated with the benefits of being outdoors.

More specifically it seems that when we go outside we have increased memory, and cognition with decreased anxiety and rumination (1.)

Thus, by bringing nature indoors to our office, we experience the benefits of being and walking around outside (although I do need to say that you should still get up and go outside on breaks.)

Creating An Environment With Movement (Stand-up Desks)

There are a few ways to increase movement throughout your work day, and we do this more than just to add in some calorie burning.

Moving and standing up are directly correlated with better brain function, less elbow pain, and an increased ability to work for prolonged periods.

Yes, standing up does make that much of a difference.

In your home workspace let’s aim to get you up and to move, you can do this either by actively setting an alarm to move every once in a while, buying and using a stand-up desk, or going for walks at scheduled times.

All in all, getting the blood flowing, keeps the brain moving and your diaphragm not stuck down which would typically cause less oxygen, less blood to the brain and with it less energy.

Eliminate All Distractions

Like this:

When you can work from home, you quite literally need to make it, so you are WORKING from home.

Not pitter-pattering around, being distracted by this or that, with the tv on, one hand in a bag of chips and your browser open to what you are doing.

Instead, eliminate those distractions in your work environment, maybe this means setting up a space that is not in a room with a television, or it means draping a sheet over it, so you don’t get distracted.

All in all, you want to create a calm, quiet, workplace that influences thinking and working while at home.

Which can be the hardest thing to do.

Find the problem and cut it off, no matter what it is.

Buy Yourself Some Quality Pens and Notebooks

A trick that I recently came by is the act of purchasing excellent pens and notebooks.

By actually just purchasing and waiting for them, I noticed it not only built anticipation but the amount that I use them.

This works with most things of quality, by getting nice things you want to use them more to get the perceived value.

This is my favorite notebook and the pen that I currently use.

Not only do I enjoy writing with them, it feels good to get thoughts down on paper which if need be I can transfer to my computer.

Create and Adhere To A Schedule

Scheduling is critical when you are the only one accountable.

I wrote a full article on how to keep yourself accountable, which you can find here.

It is so detrimental to what you do to get a schedule, stick to it, and find a way actually to adhere to it.

Especially when you are running your own business or working from home with the hopes of keeping productivity high and becoming successful.

So sit down and create a schedule which can look anyway (although I recommend using the 49 productivity hacks post to create the optimal schedule)

Once you do this, your body will tune into rhythms, and it will become so easy to jump right into the flow state and keep killing it during when you work from home.

Using FIS To Create Effortless Success

Lastly, we need to create a system that allows us to automate success, like the one outlined in Falling Into Succes.

To do this we need to ensure that three things are met:

  • We have habits and routines we are regularly using
  • Each day we are actively learning to better ourselves
  • Putting in a bunch of initial work needs to happen to result in less future work.

The main point I want to stress is that you need to put in a good amount of work at first.

Similar to building a house, setting up a strong foundation will allow you to build a bigger, stronger, and more durable one that lasts for years to come.

By neglecting this process and not putting in much work while expecting to be successful and work from home, leaves us falling short of our goals and ultimately not creating the success we actually want.

If you are trying to dive into and automate success check out Falling Into Succes or get access to the free member’s area training page.



Originally published at on June 23, 2016.