This isn’t especially relevant to anything, but just a small detail that stands out to me for some…
Trick Turner

Excellent point. I don’t read Breitbart, but I suspect a lot of the “BREITBART IS NAZI NAZI NAZI!” smearing comes from blogs and websites that in fact feel threatened by Breitbart as a competitor.

It seems more like competition between businesses than it does a true sounding of the alarm about a toxic influence in our society.

Look at the Alexa ranks: Breitbart is #31 in the US! That’s a wildly popular website. BuzzFeed is #70 in the US, for reference, and Huffington Post came in at #44. Breitbart actually comes in — in the US rankings — ahead of the Washington Post, which is astonishing. New York Times’ site is #24, just a few spots ahead of Breitbart.

The full list for US sites is here. The inevitable conclusion, then, is either that this country is simply teeming with Nazis, or Breitbart isn’t actually a Nazi website like its critics claim. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

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