The key to the Democrat strategy is their hope to dominate the vote of each of their identity…
Rick Fischer

Fantastic points, Rick.

I will eventually write at length on the topic but I think the Democrats’ main problem is that there will come a day when they have to choose between Hispanics and Blacks. The short version of the story is that the two racial groups do not like each other — take the ethnic cleansing of blacks being carried out by Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles. Even the LA Times wrote back in 2007 about the “acrimonious relationship between Latinos and African Americans in Los Angeles.”

Eventually, Hispanics and blacks will not be part of the same political party. Democrats are going to have to choose which group to cater to, and they’re going to choose Hispanics (we can already see signs of this today, with the Democrats consistently choosing open borders as their hill to die on) because Hispanics are a fast growing subset of the population while blacks are not.

Simply put, Democrats’ pro-immigrant and pro-illegal alien policies do not benefit the black community, and there will come a reckoning someday.

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