I think you are really, really underrating Westbrook.
Nathaniel Oveson

KD left OKC because it’s difficult to coexist with Russell Westbrook. It just is. LeBron left Wade and Bosh to go play with Kyrie. You think LeBron would’ve gone back to Cleveland without Kyrie there?

It’s also not Kyrie’s job to direct traffic and run the offense; LeBron does that. In his role on his team, Kyrie is elite.

And when it came down to it in the NBA Finals, Kyrie still dished out more assists than Steph Curry. The comparison is no contest:

Kyrie was the best point guard in an NBA Finals that included Steph Curry.

Blaming Kyrie for the Olympic team’s problems? If they played anywhere close their talent level they’d blow out every team by 50. The whole team has an effort problem. No one’s going 100%.

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