I applaud your approach, and feel its contributed to a very good product.
Trick Turner

That’s a great point. I fully accept and embrace reality: opinion is what sells. But it can’t take over completely. There must be a factual foundation — there must be.

Why do so many journalists want to be opinion writers? Well because that’s where all the fame and glamor and glory is. The only reporters who make it big are Woodward and Bernstein.

Otherwise, everyone in political journalism wants to be George Will, Tom Friedman, David Brooks, Nate Silver, Maureen Dowd, etc. And for TV it’s Rachel Maddow, Hannity, Carlson, etc. I.e. the people who get paid for their opinions.

Sure, people want to be Stephanopolous, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd and Anderson Cooper. But these guys even have their question marks — Todd, Tapper and Stephanopolous are all well-known to be former Democratic staffers/operatives.

Opinion and partisanship runs the show. There is no glory for the hard-nosed journalist slavishly dedicated to the truth and nothing else. That person gets no glory.

But that doesn’t mean we can forget the importance of fact-centric reporting. It still must be the foundation. It’s not sexy, it’s not fun, it might be a bit tedious, but it’s the most important.

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