I think you’re purposefully attempting to mislead by comparing the President to heart surgeons.
Narrev Prime

The Founders left a government that had three departments: State, Treasury and War. Today we have 15. The federal government is a $4 trillion operation.

Being the chief decision maker for the federal government absolutely requires someone with more than a cursory knowledge of the issues and the world.

Donald Trump is manifestly unqualified to be president, not to mention grossly unfit temperamentally. He’s an entertainer by trade, not even a real businessman

He says he’ll hire the best people to make up for his staggering ignorance but he’s on his third campaign manager after the first was found to be a an aggressive maniac, the second was found to have alarming ties to the Ukrainian government and now the third has never run a campaign before but instead a fringe white supremacist website. Trump has no campaign operation here in Florida, the most important swing state in this election.

He’s in way over his head. He cannot do the job and would be a catastrophe if elected. Electing that child president would be irresponsible.

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