This is a pretty jaundiced view of the whole affair.
Brendan Carmody

The official answer on why Flynn resigned given by the President today is that Flynn misled the Vice President. Whether you choose to accept that or not is your choice, but I tend to think that’s not the truth.

I think Flynn was fired, as I wrote in the article, because Trump wanted to appease the leakers and critics and give them a scalp in hopes that it would quiet them down. I don’t think Trump likes controversy or bad press and took the easy route out to resolve the story immediately. I think he was wrong to do so, by the way. It will never stop, and appeasement will only embolden his opponents.

I choose to believe the narrative that Intelligence Community spooks are leaking damaging information about Trump and his staff because to me, it makes a lot more logical sense than the idea that Russia is behind it all and pulling the strings for Trump. As I went over in prior articles, the whole idea that Russia put Trump in the White House is patently absurd — we have the assurance of President Obama himself that no vote totals were “hacked” or altered, and at any rate it’s impossible to “hack an election” because the vote tally machines are not even connected to the internet. We also have the assurance of President Obama that the leaked emails didn’t even reveal anything bad about Hillary. Even if they did, go ahead and look at her favorable ratings: they were already bottomed out when all that stuff dropped about her. She’s just not a likable or popular person with the country. That’s not to say Trump is, but Hillary isn’t either. That’s just a fact. Blaming true facts her staffers said about her that were leaked to the public via email phishing does not change the fact that Hillary is uninspiring and weighed down by 25 years of political and extracurricular baggage.

Russia is not omnipotent. Democrats laughed at Russia in 2012, now they want us to believe Russia is all-powerful and capable of tilting US presidential elections. That’s just nonsense. At any rate, dozens of other countries tried to tilt our election to Hillary. German and British officials high in government, and from other countries, were harshly critical of Trump the whole way and nobody in the press thought it was unfairly hurting his reputation. And that’s not to mention all the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation that apparently don’t matter.

So I think this Russia narrative is pushed by Democrats who cannot accept the fact that their candidate lost. And since the mainstream media is mostly leftist, that’s the narrative that gets pushed — they want it to be true so it’s pushed as definitively true.

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