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Wing Chun kung fu was never about breaking bricks. In the 1970’s I made a decision to defy this tradition, so In my shows, I went to demonstrate breaking concrete blocks, bricks and pavement slabs.

Most of the kung fu masters were so horrified to see that. They said that I was practising karate and destroying the good name of kung fu!

Their argument was that Chinese martial arts does not include breaking. So I raised the point that how can one show the power of Wing Chun if one does not show it through breaking ability?

If you do not possess the power to break a concrete slab, how can you expect to knock out an opponent? Chinese martial arts is based on skill, techniques and deep philosophy, and then power and strength. Jumping up and down or doing complicated moves and somersaulting with a pole or sword is just a performance, it is not practical in a real self defence situation. …


Austin Goh

I teach people Wing Chun Kung Fu in London

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