Day One: The Call that Changed Everything
Dana Luker Canterbury

Dana and Blake, thank you for your courage to write this and share your journey in such a raw way. At the 20-week appointment for our second child, we found out he had an encephalocele (a gap in his skull which created a protrusion on the top of his head). I still remember the gasping sobs my wife cried in my arms. There were so many questions and emotions.

We left that appointment feeling blindsided and overwhelmed, but when we got to our car we prayed together. We prayed for our son, we prayed for wisdom, we prayed for help. Even in the midst of the confusion and fear, there welled up a sense of peace. It didn’t make everything better, but it reminded us we were not alone.

We too were asked if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy by our doctor. We decided to trust God and leave it in his hands. Even though we had not been trying to get pregnant at the time, God was not surprised.

I’m praying for a kind of peace for you both that transcends your fears and your hurt. You are not alone.

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