Phase 4: Dynamic Interactive Prototype

This document is written for the Midterm Project in H541: Interaction Design Practice — Instructed by Sonali Shah, at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN.

Other parts of this project:

The prototype for the app (which I have been calling “Otter”) can be accessed via InVision here. You can access this via desktop or mobile web browser.

While there are many parts of the app that can be used via the prototype, there are two key action flows that are represented:

Try to upload a new image to the top-level directory of Files.

Try to add a previously uploaded file (the image from action 1) to the All Team Chat for the ABC Project Team. Note that in a final version of the app, users could also upload images and other files directly from the conversation view. This flow is intended to demonstrate adding an existing file to the conversation.

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