Social Computing, Phase 4

Dynamic Interactive Prototype

This document is written for the Final Project in H541: Interaction Design Practice — Instructed by Sonali Shah, at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN.

Other parts of this project:

The prototype for the message suite can be accessed via InVision here. You can access this via desktop or mobile web browser.

Try to perform the 3 key interaction flows: setting a message reminder, flagging a conversation, and creating a message to be sent later.

The “Send Later” and “Remind Me Later” features take advantage time- or location-based system notifications. In order to represent the passage of time, you’ll be able to trigger the screens with the notifications by tapping the time (at the top left of the screen in the status bar) when you have reached the end of the respective screen flow.

Message Sender – Status Labels

These 3 screens represent the states of the message sender’s screen (in place of where a “Read Receipt” would normally be).

  1. When the message has been delivered, but with no action yet
  2. When the message has been set for reminder later
  3. When the conversation has been flagged.