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By Austin B. Hahn

Disclaimer: this is a fictional story.

(Someone knocks on the door. A young woman named Julia answers it.)

Julia: Greg?

(Greg, frustrated, barges in through the doorway past Julia.)

Greg: I’m done with this Julia.

Julia: What’s the matter?

(Greg pauses for a moment and becomes teary-eyed.)

Greg: I thought about what you said yesterday when we were on the docks. Look, Julia, I know you are going to die of cancer, but you see, I still want to marry you.

(Julia begins to cry.)

Julia: Damn it, Greg! Why did you have to do this to me!?

Greg: Do what, Julia?

Julia: Come into my life, and be this amazing person, and as soon as I get diagnosed with cancer, you want to marry me?

(Greg starts crying.)

Greg: I can’t waste another day knowing that the love of my life is just down the street from me, and I could be married to her. I have been waiting for someone like you my entire life!

Julia: Yeah but I can’t even give you kids! Don’t you want that!? Do you want to wake up one day to a pregnant wife lying dead next to you in bed!?

(Julia is bawling.)

Greg: Of course I would want kids with you! Just because we can’t have a baby doesn’t mean that we can’t be together. No matter how long or short.

(Julia drops to the floor, sobbing. She then looks up at Greg.)

Julia: The doctor said I only have two months left to live.

(Greg walks towards Julia and kneels down to her level.)

Greg: Then we’ll get married. I’ll give you a beautiful wedding and take you to places around the globe with me.

(Greg holds her hand with a promising smile.)

(On May 6th, 1974, Greg and Julia Andrews married outside of the Sistine Chapel. They experienced everything together, from African skies to Italian cuisine, and visited the three cities Julia wanted to see in her life: Paris, Prague, and Rome. One day, as Julia held on to the back of Greg while riding on an elephant in South Africa, she suddenly fell ill. She was rushed to a hospital. Despite receiving medical care, her health became worse each passing hour. In the waiting room, Greg was informed by a doctor that she would not make it. He spent his final moment with Julia sitting next to her while holding her right hand as she lay lifeless on the bed.)

Julia: Thank you for making this a wonderful closing chapter to my life.

Greg: You’re welcome, and I love you.

(Julia gazes into Greg’s eyes.)

Julia: I love you too.

(Julia Andrews was pronounced dead at 11:24 p.m. on July 8th, 1974. Julia’s body was cremated. Her ashes were sprinkled into the Mediterranean Sea, and, back home, along the coast of Los Angeles. Two weeks later, in L.A. on a hot summer day, as Greg sprinkled her remains along the shore, he stopped and looked out into the ocean. He pondered for a minute or two. He wondered why his wife had to be taken away from him so soon. While reflecting upon his loss, he discovered something profound. He knew in his heart that the joy of being married to her, regardless of how short, outweighed the pain of her death. From that moment on, Greg realized he could either live the rest of his life cherishing what has been given to him, or he could dwell on what has been taken away from him.)