AESTHET IA#1- “ Art in Everyday”

In Chinese means “ wishing you a prosperous year”

#1 Spring Festival Couplets

Often put around a Chinese family household, it is put around the house as representation of luck, it is around most of the halls. It is believed to attract luck to the family and business. I don’t usually take time to look the designs and sometimes don’t even notice what it actually looks like( being used to seeing a lot in the house). Most of the time they come in some sort of square form( some come in longer or shorter forms or even in paper or cloth).

A Buddhist altar.

#2 Buddhist Altar

A representation of the religion of Buddhism, the altar is one of the essentials to have in the house for those who practice the religion. We usually keep an altar of around 2–3 Buddhist figures, vases filled with water and flowers( usually with Chinese designs),a candle( traditional or electronic),and the incense sticks. The altar is usually placed with a table on a Buddhist home, where we put our offerings to the Buddhist figures and our deceased family members. It is also a mode for expression of our religion and believed communication with the deceased family members.

Wall Clock.

#3 Wall Clock

A wall clock in the home I usually go pass it not actually putting much attention on the great design it actually has, but with the time. Unlike most clocks around the house, this one is located near where the stairs are,where most can see it once gathering or going to sleep. It was the only one not round, and definitely the only one with 3-D sculptures.

Flower on the wall.

#4 Flower on the wall

In our home we have a small garden, where most plants are kept and maintained. My grandmother loves greenery. She loves keeping flowers and other forms of plants. This one is among those that actually stands out. I pass it literally every time I cross the entrance or exit of our home. The plant is placed way up the wall, where it actually is far from most of the plants and well put to make the place look better.

Casual Shoe.

#5 Casual Shoe:

The shoe as shown above is the one I often use when heading to school or other casual events. I paid little to no attention on what was actually on it, the design. the design shows the green plants( somewhat representing the forest) which could mean adventure or journey.

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