Aesthetics IA#3: “ Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)”

During the past few days, we have been introduced to different artists in our Aesthetics class. All came from different backgrounds and actually from different forms of arts. I have decided to mainly focus on three people: Miss Lani Mercado, Mr. Rodney Jaleco Jr., and Mosang . To give an idea on what they do, I posted their basic information below.

Miss Lani Mercado, Former Actress of GMA.

Miss Lani Mercado

Miss Lani Mercado, also known as Jesusa Victoria Hernandez-Bautista, was able to get education at the De La Salle Zobel. She is a former actress for GMA. She Currently is a politician and married to Senator Bong Revilla.

Our group and Mr. Rodney Jaleco, Jr., ABS-CBN Graphic Artist.

Mr. Rodney Jaleco,Jr.

Our group personally interviewed the graphic artist. He works in ABS-CBN. He is a graduate of the degree Fine Arts Major in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas(1998). and has been working for over 15 years in the industry.

Mosang, a GMA actress.


Mosang is a GMA actress, she worked for the company for a long time. A graduate of Polytechnic University of Philippines(PUP). She mostly worked as a theater actress first before becoming a TV actress.

Similarities and Differences

Of all the artists I have listed above, they all work the same industry, the Television Industry. They all work in order for TV industries to have something to show, either information,entertainment, or inspiration.

Roles in Society

The artists stated have the role to give us, the viewers something to look up to or be informed about of. They technically inspire most if not all people from different classes.

Qualities of the Artists

  1. Will to learn- the artists stated that most of them were not professionals overnight. They worked their way to where they are currently.
  2. Adaptable- The artists stated were not all that fast on becoming good and recognized. They all adjusted from something to becoming better.
  3. Work Ethic- the artists were all hardworking and would work a lot of hours to provide.
  4. Family-oriented= The artists were inspired by their family and loved ones, this pushed them to work hard and provide for family.
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