Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Personally, I am not that kind of person that visits galleries, specifically those that feature a lot of artwork. Growing up in a family and community that is more corporate or business centered did not gave me much opportunity to see the artistic perspective. On February.19, I had this opportunity to visit an art gallery in Link Car park, Makati City.

There were a lot of artists who took part in the exhibition of art works. The one specifically by Galleria Duemilia, whose artists are Felix Bacolor and Josephine Turalba,caught my attention. Mostly their artworks are made from either bullets(specifically .22 caliber, as an evident favorite of the artists), used toys and paints, 3D printing,or printed works on an archival paper. They had over 33 artworks showed at the exhibition.

Galleria Duemilia, one of the exhibits of the said Art Fair.

Based on my interpretations and the explanation of the person who was in the area( who said that the pigs represent ‘pork barrel’), the whole gallery could be a political event-inspired gallery, and that it represents the issues of the Philippines.

Special Exhibits

A huge work of Martha Atienza, entitled ‘Fair Isle’.

The exhibit of art fair did not only exhibit those works of painting,and typical sculptures, they also featured different work of art, two of my favorites specifically were the works of Martha Atienza and Pamela Yan Santos.

“In Search of Meaning” by Pamela Yan Santos, made of fabric and painted wooden letters.

I found that both of the exhibits somewhat interactive, they were a different experience that i felt that I truly was part of the art and the feeling was different and unfamiliar. I felt calm, near with nature, and relaxed after the experience with the two exhibits. I was actually confused after leaving the two exhibits, as there was something about the feeling that I could not explain.

Personal Thoughts and opinions

A picture of me amused with the event.

I found that most of the participants by estimate are people who are art enthusiast, probably have jobs. with an exception of a few students and some classmates we have bumped in the said event.

I am quite amused and amazed with the environment of the art fair, it would be something I would give consideration to and visit the next time to find enlightenment ,ideas, and peace.

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