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Austin Lawson
Jul 4, 2019 · 4 min read
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A business starts as an idea, and before you know it, this is an investment that becomes your life.

Meanwhile, you are still expected to invest in your home and your relationships. What happens when your time is limited, and you have to choose? Growth, maturation and renovation comes at a price.

By choosing DigitalME, you are never expected to settle for less than what you desire and deserve. Ross Jenkins, founder of DigitalME, is here to take your pesky worries away, and utilize his outstanding marketing automation skills to renovate your business and optimize your revenue.

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Ross Jenkins, founder of DigitalME

InfusionSoft has designed its own CRM database that allows you to handle everything on one program — including, but not limited to unlimited access to website activity history, organized tasks and appointments, lead scoring, contact records, data management, and a segmentation process that is incomparable. This cloud-based program allows access to all features at all times on all types of devices. Loading speeds have a great reputation as well.

This email and digital marketing campaign builder customizes customer journey and experience, based on interactions, or lack there of — this is represented by a physical copy coordinated by a drop builder and interface. If users can dream it, they can create it on InfusionSoft. Combined with top-tier artistic vision and boundless passion, DigitalME’s transformative ability is unsurpassed by any other marketing automation service.

In addition to the copious CRM and email automation services of premium campaign builders, such as personalized automation emails, find out if these emails have been delivered, opened, clicked, skipped, etc., and the ability to build distinct and professional landing pages, InfusionSoft presents services that are unique to this program and campaign builder.

With so many eccentric abilities, this program can be difficult to understand, but DigitalME is an expert assistant in navigating this intensely complex system. Ross Jenkins holds his proven marketing automation service accountable to build trust, based on reliability and dependability, with their valued customers, and provide a service that is individualized, one-on-one and booming with creative insight.

The most advanced feature of InfusionSoft is its ability to develop and sell your products, services, subscriptions, and build a shopping cart that allows customers to easily collect their desired items in one spot. InfusionSoft also systemize free trials, unique order forms and quotes.

When your business customers begin this process, email automation services will also be able to track when customers do not complete their transaction — reminding them that they have trendsetting products and appealing services waiting for them. Covering everything from designing to charging service fees and shipping, this platform takes care of it all. DigitalME is credible in providing assistance that includes this marketing tool, and shapes your campaign in a way that honors your tastes.

InfusionSoft will also provide assistance in the payment process! Other platforms or merchant accounts put an inconvenient hold on your business’s rightful money, and not only is it unfair, it can be dangerous in times of need. InfusionSoft payment providers ensure no one is being taken advantage of, and as little as 10 minutes, money will be accessible with no start up fee or monthly payment. Order form templates will be appropriate and advantageous for launches, payment plans or special offers.

One of the latest features of this campaign builder generates mobile responsive invoices available to business and their customers. Upon completion of purchase, InfusionSoft coordinates post purchase automations that notify order informations and nurture satisfied customers. DigitalME utilizes this personalized email marketing and digital marketing method to formulate endless campaigns. Reports for businesses will be produced based on product, date, contact, etc.

This automated sales pipeline reports management reviews on popular sales and how much money is expected to be brought in. InfusionSoft’s streamlining process arranges these automatic operations and DigitalME helps your business benefit by illuminating the best of these services. On top of this, if your business collaborates with professional partners, there is a referral partner management that allows partnerships to coordinate information and track commissions.

DigitalME is ecstatic to have the opportunity to offer the state-of-the-art features by InfusionSoft. This transformational campaign builder opens up a world of possibility for small businesses and any entrepreneur looking to dramatically expand their horizons. InfusionSoft features advanced versions of CRM and email marketing tools that other campaign builders provide, and promotes further evolution of the marketing automation services by developing new and improved benefits.

Instead of going through a third-party to be ripped off, InfusionSoft has its own payment provider that simplifies the process and saves you money. By coordinating with DigitalME, this technique becomes even easier! This is a proven marketing automation service that will maximize your CRM, revenue and overall business experience

This is one of many diverse platforms that DigitalME has to offer, click here to explore what makes this the most effective campaign builder in the market.

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