Passing the NCLEX: So what was it like ?


So…. I know how to study just tell me your experience, was it really as bad as teachers hype it to be ?

Was It That Bad ?

  1. A more qualified and intelligent person explained it


75 to Stay Alive

The Experience Walking In

  • When they offer earplugs, take the earplugs (trust me on this one) muffling the sound of crying and heavy breathing will do you wonders, the only downside is you will now hear your own tachycardic heart rate.
  • AGAIN, leave the phone and everything extra in the car
  • Use the bathroom breaks as much as you need, even to calm yourself down if needed
  • Wear the least amount of pockets possible. The staff is instructed to check all of your pockets, just less hassle if you wear athletic cloths for example.
  • Be comfortable, but not too comfortable like the girl who brought her breakfast to the test center.
  • Breathe
  • If you find yourself getting difficult questions, you are most likely doing well, so do not freak out
  • Wait 48 hours and then use the quick results
  • Try not to schedule your test on a weekend or Friday, it is 48 BUSINESS hours before you can use the quick results.
  • Priority questions, that is all I’m saying on this one.
  • (Insert your name here), RN



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Austin Lee Jeffers

Austin Lee Jeffers

A Registered Nurse with some stories to share!-----> @aust1nj