DT for E: Exercise 01

Part 01: I began brainstorming a few ideas for goals that I have been having recently from creating an app to finding a place of my own to live in, and growing my personal freelance design business.
I choose that last one for sure because it is definitely the most grand idea, and one that I can benefit greatly in the long run. The time frame I set for myself is one month.

Part 02: Below are my incredible rough and messy notes.

  • At the top is a list of goals and possible branches within the system or framework.
  • Here are my notes for last week’s homework
  • The top page of the chart is where things got a bit more interesting and abstract in regards to my main goal.
  • And here is where the real work. The bottom page outlines the most obvious goal and my current resources that can help me achieve it.

Unfortunately the scanner did cut off the bottom, and probably the most important questions to successfully understand my own design business. The question I wrote there asked “What can you do for other people, your clients and their business’.” Here is what I have as an answer so far:

My name is Austin Mateka, born in Welland and working in Toronto. I’m a Creative & Designer that specializes in Branding. This includes Logos, Stationery, Signage, Apparel, Websites, Lettering, Typography, Photography and more.
I’ve worked with many local clients, and some larger companies too. Either way the goal is to produce exceptional work that reflects the client's goals and interests in an original way that can last a lifetime. I achieve this by using type, shape and colour in it’s simplest form and then from there I begin to test and push it’s boundaries.

It’s still rough, but a start nonetheless. At first the write up was super design-y, but I added onto it to focus more on what a client could be looking for. Another question that arose was how can I continue client relationships for their business growth and my own as well?

That’s all for now!

Talk to you soon.