The Beats by Dre commercial is a story all about the journey that Marcus Mariota embarked on as a shy kid from Hawaii, all the way to winning a Heisman in New York City, and finally to the NFL. It was published right before the 2015 NFL Draft, and is a part of a series that details the stories of a few high-profile individuals in last year’s draft.

As I previously mentioned, the story is all about Mariota growing up in an exceptionally tight knit family setting on the shores of Hawaii and making his way all the way to Eugene, and finally to Tennessee in the NFL. It’s a factual story, which I think makes it pretty darned cool.

The commercial is advertisement for Beats headphones. However, the answer to the rest of those questions is kind of up in the air, as it doesn’t disclose who does the production, or who paid for everything. That being said, I would imagine Beats did all of the behind the scenes stuff to make the commercial as good as it was.

It’s similar to other content created by Beats in the way that they are very involved in the world of sport. They do a phenomenal job of picking upstanding athletes who are good representatives on and off the football field, and Mariota is no exception. It’s new in the sense that he was the first draft-eligible player to have his story told by Beats, and, in my personal opinion, his was the best story that was told. To summarize, I wouldn’t say this is groundbreaking or anything in the way of Beats advertisements, rather, it was a continuation of what they have been uber successful with in the past.

Again, this isn’t necessarily an original idea from Beats as far as having athletes endorse product through telling the success story of the athlete. That being said, the entire commercial is very, very well done. From the song (“Take Me to Your River” by Leon Bridges, PHENOMENAL SONG), to the footage of Mariota working out on the beaches of Hawaii during the sunset, everything just works. Additionally, Beats did a really good job of continuing their trend of getting really interesting, likeable athletes to endorse their products. I don’t think it really compares to the content produced by Bose, Skullcandy, etc. I think Beats pretty much has the market covered as far as headphones for primetime athletes goes. That being said, I know Bose does do a good job signing some high profile athletes. You just never really see them advertise it at all.

I’m not entirely sure how it was received in the professional advertising world. I can only imagine it was critically acclaimed. As far as how it was received on social media, I know people absolutely loved it. The only reason I heard about it is because I saw it on a tweet from Beats’ Twitter account that was retweeted literally thousands of times.

As far as what other brands or organizations could take from this example, there are a lot of things to be learned. First off, there is nothing better to advertise than a really, genuinely awesome human-being/athlete displaying their product is an actual part of their life. To simplify, get the right people, and tell the right stories. Also, on a more technical note, it’s really important that the bones of the commercial are solid. What I mean by that is the music, the actual visuals, etc. and how they all mix together is incredibly important. So making sure they do those with the utmost care is absolutely essential.