Bomb Token Sticker Contest Winners

Austin Merricks
May 22 · 3 min read

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first of many contests that will be hosted in our @bombup telegram channel. Next week we will launch our second campaign — a video ex plainer contest with 999 Bomb Tokens up for grabs.

In 1 week we had over 30 entries into the contest, and after careful review of all stickers, below we have listed the 5 winners, please PM @aus_10 on telegram to claim your prize.

To add the sticker pack into your telegram click on: BombTokenStickers

1st Place: @JimPanze

2nd Place: @Shairdrop

3rd Place: @Joliwa

4th Place: @xshicherax

5th Place: @aprilabyou2

Winning Stickers:

Austin Merricks

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Block94 / Bomb Token / Ward Group