You know, there’s one thing that’s pissed me off that everyone else overlooks: since we are paying…
Zoey Bedenbaugh

Here’s an article about how many students The University of Missouri lost thanks to its PC students ( ).

Considering the number of universities bending over backwards for PC/BLM/feminist culture, I’d honestly be willing to bet they’d get higher enrollment numbers than they’d expected. The ridiculous growth that’s happening in the anti-PC crowd isn’t happening because people are evil and love triggering rape victims. The crowd is growing so much because college/uni students are tired of whiny, oversensitive, attention-seeking idiots getting in the way of THEIR educations.

I’d say a more realistic analogy would be if a customer went to a western all you can eat buffet. The burgers that this restaurant makes for the buffet table have lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on them. Now this customer really doesn’t like pickles. Instead of deciding to take out the pickles in their burger and eat it, they decide to start shreiking and throwing cutlery around the room at all the other customers, demanding that the chef be fired because there wasn’t a sign outside saying “There’s pickles in our burgers”.

I think the free market is a great thing, but I think it will be more of an asset than a hindrance to the University of Chicago in this decision. I’ve been awake for over 24 hours and I’m awful with run on sentences but I hope I got my point across.