Worlds Largest Observatory to be Completed this Year

The construction on the Chinese observatory called Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) is near completion according to officials. [1]

The observatory will allow Chinese astronomers to detect faint pulsars, look for the first shining stars, survey quantities of neutral hydrogen, and potentially receive signals from other civilizations. [2]

The FAST project began construction in March 2011 with a budget of around 1.2 billion yuan ( $183,929,196 USD). And will relocate approximately 9,110 local residents for the purposes of creating a “sound electromagnetic wave environment.” [1]

This project is only one of the multiple astrological endeavors the Chinese government is undertaking. The government has invested billions into their space exploration program; to name a few, they want to build a permanent space station, put astronauts on the moon, and explore the dark side of the moon. [3] [4]

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