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This article is trash. Barkley made an attempt at starting a dialogue that is uncomfortable and can only be beneficial with very little downside in a country polarized by a youth movement that believes destruction of private or public property is an appropriate form of expressing ones opinion or lack there of. Because his words or opinions do not match your own you write about topics I do not believe you know anything about. Racism is not the problem in this country (it always will be present; just as rape, burglary, homophobia, and every other crime will be) the refusal to LISTEN and the silencing of others through shaming is a much larger problem within the younger generation. But I’m just a privileged, white male; so what hell do I know. What I do know, is this 26 year old college graduate should get a refund from the university. Having a large vocabulary and writing in a condescending tone does not make you intelligent nor an expert.

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