What kind of drinker are you?

In Fort Collins, Colorado you are granted with many options that will mold you into the type of drinker you will become once you’ve hit 21.

Image provided by Austin Nay

Classy Drinkers

These drinkers tend to be drawn away from the crowds, toward bars with a larger price tag. These bars are heavy on the cocktails, and low in your average college student.

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Trashy Drinkers

By trashy, we mean it in the funnest context possible. These drinkers attend bars that include lots of dancing, the occasional black out, and a college affordable drink… Or 10.

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Hungry Drinkers

Although there are plenty of places you can eat and drink, these bars provide food for those hungry drinkers passed 10:00 PM so that you can continue the fun, and satisfy your cravings.

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Activity Drinker

These drinkers stray from the dancing looking for bars with other activities such as photo booths, karaoke, and plenty of games.

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Daytime Drinkers

These drinkers often avoid the night walkers, and drink during the day while soaking up the sun. For these drinkers, the bar is not as easily accessible during the seasonal changes.

From Giffy: http://gph.is/2kYoRTA
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