The heavyness at night can feel like a world wind and thats where im at rn. Just to start off im 20 years of age and full of ambition. Yeah i know.. Thats the typical cleasha you hear.. BUT seriously! If your reading this weather your my age, in your 30’s,40’s, hell idk in your 60/70’s.. Youve felt it too.

The feeling of pressure.. Like a Balloon getting filled with air! So much stuff is placed on you to perform or act a certain way, but inside you want to rebell because you know who you are, your strengths, passions, dreams, etc. With todays access of information you hear all the storys/motivation/inspiration talks about follow your bliss because it will lead you to what is pleasing in the end. BUT you also hear about the stories of the ones who get old and live with regret because there heart was telling them to go one way but they sold there soul and did what everyone else thought they should be doing. Im starting to realize why it is so hard to develope practicality when you start your journey following your bliss. I truly have empathy for the people who gave up because it was to hard on them whether they want to realize it or not. So i get that…

But im on my journey and I have the skills, the practicality, and with a dount i will achieve my goals and dreams.

Who am I? What do i do?

My names Austin and im in love with the NotionToTrain. I truly feel health and exercise is a must in a persons life and im here spreading the word and motivating others to take action because like Albert Einstein said “Thoughts influence the body” and Ill commend to that by saying “The body also influences thoughts”. Its a vice versa deal and im willing to teach that to the ones that want to be taught. I just want to help people out with the stuff im learning and doing on my journey so they to themselves can get into great shape and change their habbits. Thank you so much for reading your the real MVP (:

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