How You Should Feel About The Return Of George St. Pierre

It is now official that the welter-G.O.A.T., George St. Pierre, is making his comeback to the UFC’s infamous octagon. Some people are ecstatic other’s are pissed. Let’s decipher how you should feel based on which one you are.

Are you a fan of GSP?

If you are… BE EXCITED!!

GSP left before taking too much damage and has a style that could potentially still win him some high-level fights in the ever evolving world of MMA.

Are you a purist for the championships?

To you the belt means everything. You only want to see the people who have climbed through the rankings get their shot at a championship. If this is you, you’re not going to be happy, because GSP is almost guaranteed to skip in the line for a title shot at both welterweight (77kg/170lb)and middleweight (84kg/185lb).

Are you a fighter in the UFC?

You may be destroying your division and been mowing down the top level competition in your division like a Demian Maia or Yoel Romero. This really doesn’t mean much now. You better either pray GSP heads to the other division or Nick Diaz comes out of retirement. Without one of these two happening your hard work is likely to go unnoticed for the Canadian Superstar.

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