This week, the price of Gas has risen, like a lot. For those of you who are young; back in my day diesel was expensive because it was seventy-five cents a gallon. Seventy-five cents. Now you can’t even get a pack of bubble gum for that much, thanks Obama. There’s probably a joke here about letting the air out of our tires but I’m not very clever so just pretend with me for a bit. Whew, classic me.

So this week a camel killed two people in Tennessee.

Camel kills two people after escaping from a petting zoo in Tennessee | |

All we know is that the men were 45 and 62, and that they died after being set upon by a camel that escaped from a local petting zoo. Now, the thing that gets me is the owners of the park they escaped from refused to clarify or furnish any details on how the men were killed as they “needed time to grieve. You know who didn’t get time to grieve? The men who got killed by a camel. Now I’d imagine that a camel, being a dromedary, would kill people pretty quick, once it sets its mind to it, that’s how they are, camels.

That’s really a lot like gas prices. Because if the cost of fuel keeps going up, we’re all riding camels. The current reserves of the United States can be stripped of their carbon and used to provide abundant hydrogen fuel for transportation. We could store the hydrogen, like a camel does Hydrogen Dioxide(that’s water but I needed to use the word ‘hydrogen’).

Joe Biden’s Electric Car Plans Support The World’s Worst Humanitarian Abuses | ZeroHedge

To break that down into a single paragraph:

Most EV manufacturers combine lithium with nickel, cobalt and manganese to create a Li-Ni-Mn-Co oxide matrix to form the cathode. Tesla substitutes aluminum (Al) for the manganese, yielding a Li-Ni-Co-Al oxide matrix for the cathode on their batteries. Tesla maintains that their formulae is more cost-effective as less cobalt is required.

Less cobalt. Like we’re dumping tons and tons of toxic sludge into pools we can never use again, but we’re using less cobalt. The entire fleet of rollout electric vehicles, cobalt or not, are going to require tons of these extremely hard to find, aptly named “rare earth” and before I forget here’s a link to the 24 minute rock monster: Get Ready by the one and only “Rare Earth” : Rare Earth — Get Ready — 24 mins — Live — YouTube you can click on that and listen as you read or eat lunch or whatever for the next half hour. Get Ready and “Inagaddadavita” by Iron Butterfly are two amazing works of art that throwback to our orchestral classical music symphony days as being practically a segment of movements.

Speaking of movement, if we can’t get enough camels, and we can’t find enough cobalt, or at least manganese, here is a solution: Everyone has to get on a treadmill and make their own power. An average person can output 3/8 horsepower continuously, and a fairly fit individual can do so at ½ horsepower. Given that a humans solid treadmill output can make about 200 w of energy, and the math you have already done, knowing 1 horsepower translates to around 745 watts, begs the question: Where is the other 150 horsepower going? Well, probably to keep the human alive I’d imagine. We have horribly inefficient machines in our world, with diesel engines at a whopping 40% efficiency compared to lame gasoline at 20%. Now given the tons of these fuels we burn to recover precious materials, I dread to think the net drain on resources in an electric vehicle, but it’s gotta be somewhere on the key of a human on a treadmill.

But really we have two things to be on a treadmill for, exercise and making the wheels spin. I just read a piece by Kenneth Bell on getting his revenge body. Like the man went and got in very, very good shape, all to impress some kid named Riley and McDonalds. You can read it here:
I Got My Revenge Body. Here’s Why It Wasn’t Worth It. | by Kenneth Bell | New Writers Welcome | Medium

I wonder about that, like when I go to church and sit in a pew, I’m spinning my wheels. When I read my bible, I’m exhausting my brain, but unlike Riley, I’m going to stand in front of God someday if I’m right. On that day, unlike Riley at McDonalds, we shall hear “‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”.




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