Napkn Kickstarter

My name is Austin Schlessinger, I am a sophomore at Rutgers Business School, and I am the founder of Napkn.

What is Napkn?

  1. Napkn is an entirely free iOS application that enables you to share your social media, email, or phone number in one tap
  2. Integrate social media with your contact list; view your contact’s social media profiles and contact people directly from Napkn

The Story

I came up with the idea of Napkn during my first year at Rutgers University. During my first year of college, I met more people than I ever had in my entire life. My personal network nearly doubled with new friends, professors, and potential employers. When I met new people, we would exchange phone numbers or connect on snapchat, and then oftentimes never connect with them again. These were all missed opportunities and experiences. That person I met on the bus could have led to a relationship where we eventually traveled the world together. That employer I met at that career fair, could have led to an internship that eventually landed me a full-time job. That person I met at the gym could have led to a relationship where we ran a tough mudder together. BUT, as I met more people I quickly realized when we connected over multiple means of social media, we were more likely to reconnect in the future. I do not want to miss out on relationships that lead to life changing opportunities and experiences; so I created Napkn.

Who will it benefit from using Napkn, and how?


1. Grow their brand

2. Attract customers

3. Cut cost


1. Quickly share their social media

2. Build effective relationships

3. Never miss out on cool opportunities and experiences

Organizations- Business Organizations, Sports Clubs, Philanthropic Organizations, Faith-Based Organization, Fraternities and Sororities

1. Attract new members

2. Grow their brand

3. Contact new members or current members in 3 taps


I have been working on Napkn for 6 months. I completed all of the designs on my own, created a killer marketing plan, and now all I need is to get it developed. Fill out this form if you would like to receive an exclusive folder containing the designs from Napkn.

I have recently partnered with a local development company and invested nearly all of my money I earned from part-time jobs to fund the first half of development. This money came from scooping ice cream, laying sod, digging hundreds of 4 foot holes for Beach Volleyball tournaments, and working in the Dean’s Office of the Rutgers Business School. All of that time and energy, for one shot at building my dream.

I am running a Kickstarter to fund the final half of development. My goal is to raise a total of $5,000 in 30 days. I am happy to say that after 5 days, Napkn is 25% funded! Thank you to all how donated thus far! Your donations are greatly appreciated!

To achieve my goal I am going to need your help and wholehearted support.

Moving Forward

Every Sunday at 12:00pm, I will be hosting a live video via Facebook or Instagram. Each week, I will go over how certain groups of people will benefit from using Napkn. For example, this past week I spoke about how Napkn will benefit millennials.

Aside from that, the weekly videos will also include a brief question and answers section (submit questions here) and a special thank you to all donors.

If you are interested in supporting Napkn, please submit donations via Kickstarter or Venmo @napkn; whichever is most convenient for you!

To stay updated with my journey, connect with Napkn via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, check out my website!

Together, with your support, we will create a more connected world.