News Bias

Ideological Placement of Each Source’s Audience

Overall More Trust Than Distrust of News Sources

More News Media Sources Trusted by Those on the Left

Trust Levels of News Sources by Ideological Group

Main Source of Government and Political News

Consistent Conservatives See More Facebook Posts in Line With Their Views; Consistent Liberals More Likely to Block Others Because of Politics

Consistent Conservatives More Likely to Have Close Friends Who Share Their Political Views, But Consistent Liberals More Likely to Drop a Friend

Lower Levels of Trust in Media Sources on the Right

Consistent Liberals Turn to More Sources

Ideological Composition of News Sources’ Audiences

Facebook a Top Source of Political News Among Web Users

More Consistent Liberals Than Consistent Conservatives Get Political News on Twitter, Somewhat More on Facebook

Consistent Liberals, Conservatives Pay Most Attention to Political Posts

Nearly Half of Consistent Conservatives Mostly See Posts That Match Their Politics

Consistent Liberals Most Likely to Block Others Based on Political Content

Consistent Liberals More Likely to Drop a Friend Because of Politics

Leading Political Discussions and Having Others Turn to You For Political Information

Consistent Conservatives, Liberals More Likely to Drive Political Discussions

Key Demographics of Web and Total Respondents

Views of News Sources Among Those with Consistently Liberal Political Values

Views of News Sources Among Those with Mostly Conservative Political Values

Striking Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives, But They Also Share Common Ground

Views of News Sources Among Those with Ideologically Mixed Political Values

Conservatives Converge Around Fox News as Main Source; No Single Source Dominates on the Left