What Are You Afraid Of?

I sit here in my dining room listening to my favorite song, knowing I’ll be singing it the rest of the day. I’ve been watching videos of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vlog series thinking about how it would be to be him for a day. I can only imagine it would be stressful and hectic for someone not adapted for that lifestyle.

What’s the Rush?

You think you can jump into a lifestyle you’ve never experienced before? Me neither. Although his lifestyle is extremely appealing to me, I know I’d fail within the first few hours if I jumped into it today. What I’m leading up to is taking your time. What’s the rush? There’s no reason to rush things because greatness doesn’t happen overnight. It can’t happen overnight. If you can name 5 people who have achieved the status of being “great” overnight, then you beat me. And if you figure that out, how many of them are still successful? Slow and steady wins the race. As far as the children’s “Hare and Tortoise” story goes, the tortoise wins every time. Without fail. Every single time.

Enjoy the Climb

Try to remember when you were younger, climbing up a ladder. Going up the ladder your heart was racing; hands were shaking, maybe. The adrenaline rush took over, right? Once you got to the top, you could breath again. You could admire the view because the fright you had while climbing. Apply that concept to literally every single task in your life. Writing a paper: the process might be difficult but the end result is you’re done with that paper and you love being done. The view becomes so much prettier with the harder the climb is.

Where I’m at On My Ladder

I’m now about 3 days away from my meeting that I mentioned in my first blog post. I’m not even on the first step of the ladder and the past 4 days have set my love for life on a new level.

I challenge you: Take the first step towards the view you look forward to most. Take the first step towards a better you. Take the first step towards the true happiness you have inside of you.

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