In this post, I will walk through the process of adding Cypress end-to-end tests to an existing project.

Why end to end testing?

There are pros and cons to all testing methods. End to end testing is the closest to actual user testing which is one of its main advantages. …

In this post, I will share my experiences and give advice now that I am six months into my first job as a self-taught software engineer.

Note that this post will not be focused on how to get a software engineering job.

Using simple terminology and a real world example, this post explains what this is and why it is useful.

Is this for you

I have noticed that many explanations for this in JavaScript are taught assuming you are coming from some object-oriented programming language like Java, C++, or Python. This post is geared towards…

Full review of, a video course platform for learning Vue.js

What this is and is not

This review is for people who intend to learn Vue and are looking for learning resources to help guide them in their journey. Prior to Vue Mastery, I had no background with Vue. I like to build a project…

A web developer’s primer on CORS, CSP, HSTS, and all the web security acronyms!

There are many reasons to learn about web security, such as:

  • You’re a concerned user who is worried about your personal data being leaked
  • You’re a concerned web developer who wants to make their web apps more secure
  • You’re a web developer applying to jobs, and you want to be…

This post will use react-intl to help you go from create-react-app to setting up the framework to a completed, translated web app!

I committed code as I wrote this post, so you will be able to look at my commit history to easily see how my code evolved from start…

In this post, I’ll share how I went from zero(ish) to a six-figure software engineering job offer in nine months while working full time and being self-taught.

Whenever I would start reading a success story, I would immediately look to find the author’s background, hoping it would match mine. …

General Overview

CS50 is fantastic. I read that it is the single most popular course at Harvard. People who aren’t even CS majors sign up to take the course. On campus, they have tshirts, free food, a hackathon, etc. You don’t get any of that on edX, but you do get the…

I had some qualms before starting freeCodeCamp (fCC). So many people recommended it, but it seemed crazy to me that basically everyone that does fCC would have the exact same portfolio. Sure, it’s nice that the projects are laid out such that the next one is always just barely within…

Before I dive into the history of jobSort(), here are a couple links:

How I came up with the idea

I was thinking that I would be applying to jobs soon. I stumbled upon Hacker News: Who is Hiring and noticed that there didn’t seem to be a great interface to view the listings. So…

Austin Tackaberry

Software Engineer at Databricks

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