Learning Vue.js with Vue Mastery

Full review of https://www.vuemastery.com/, a video course platform for learning Vue.js

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What this is and is not

This review is for people who intend to learn Vue and are looking for learning resources to help guide them in their journey. Prior to Vue Mastery, I had no background with Vue. I like to build a project of my own while I learn, so I built this app as I watched the video courses. Vue Mastery has 3 video courses: Intro to Vue.js, Advanced Components, and Real World Vue. I will dive into each of them individually and give my thoughts.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a short, sample subscription for review purposes. The opinions in this post are completely my own based on my experience.

You can use the coupon code, AUSTINTACKABERRY25, to get 25% off a yearly subscription! Also, $5 of your monthly subscription goes directly to the Vue.js organization which is pretty awesome.

I will not be comparing Vue to React or Angular or any other JavaScript framework.

Intro to Vue.js

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This is the only free course on Vue Mastery, and it is definitely the place to start if you know nothing about Vue. Right at the beginning, they start off saying that this course assumes a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.

My favorite thing about this course is that it starts off with vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS. Too many courses dive into a fully fledged application with all this extra tooling which can make it difficult to discern what is and is not the framework.

In total, this course includes ~50 minutes of content broken into 11 videos. It is just about the perfect amount of content to watch once through and feel like you have a decent understanding of basic Vue concepts. They build a relatively complex, sample app as new concepts are introduced, and there are challenges along the way.

The videos and animations are high quality, and they include analogies to help you understand concepts. Each video has corresponding text that is convenient for when you want to go back and search for a concept, but you don’t want to guess what time it was covered in the video.

I was glad to see that Components and Forms were covered in this section as those are two important concepts for making an actual application.

Towards the end of the course, it can get kind of difficult to follow along with the code in the video because all of the code is in one file, so there is a decent amount of scrolling done in the video. This is another benefit of having the text below the video.

Overall, this is a great course for Vue newbies whether you just learned JavaScript or if you’ve been coding for awhile and just wanted to learn about all the fuss with Vue!

Advanced Components

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This course is fantastic. It is all about understanding what is going on under the hood which is extremely valuable.

There are multiple videos starring Evan You, the Vue.js creator himself, that walk you through the source code. They literally open up files from the Vue source code and explain it!

They talk about Vue.js implementation of reactivity, virtual DOM, functional components, and mounting using the real source code!

Have you ever tried to follow complicated source code where you keep opening up new files, and then eventually you forget where you were or what you were looking for? This course does a great job of keeping track of all of that as it dives into the source code.

The content in this course is not for the faint of heart. But if you are eager to learn about the fundamental concepts within the Vue source code and willing to spend some additional time looking up some JavaScript features that you might not work with regularly, then it is perfect for you.

You might not understand all of it, you might even only grasp a small amount, but even understanding a little of the Vue source code is way more than most!

Real World Vue.js

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For those of you whose main goal is to build something cool with Vue, this is the course for you.

Earlier, I mentioned that I like to build a project of my own as I follow along with courses. The project I picked was a food diary. You keep track of what you ate at what time and also log your feelings. With enough logging, eventually you will find out what foods make you feel certain ways. Before even looking at this course, I thought about what I would need for this project:

Users would need to log in, their data would need to be stored somewhere, certainly I would have multiple routes within my application. I was thinking about using firebase for auth and data storage, some sort of Vue router, state management.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this course pretty much included all of that. It used firebase for auth and data storage, Vue router for routing, Vuex for state management, axios for XHR. If you are new to these concepts, this course does a good job of explaining the concepts and helping you set up your environment and project with Vue CLI 3.0 as well. Even down to the nitty gritty of suggesting extensions for vscode.

Introductory courses are great for understanding the basics, but they aren’t helpful if you want to find out how you could apply that knowledge when making a real application cleanly.

The only downside to this course is that not all of it has been released, though it looks like all of it will be released by October 2nd, 2018. The remaining videos’ topics all pertain to Vuex.


Overall, I think that Vue Mastery covers a lot of ground with these 3 courses. Obviously, the introductory course is helpful for everyone looking to learn Vue. After taking the introductory course, I think learners tend to diverge into two categories. Those who are thinkers and can’t stop themselves from trying to understand the new material as deeply as possible before building anything, and those who are active and can’t stop themselves from getting their hands dirty and building something before they really understand it. Vue Mastery does a good job of catering to both extremes and everyone in between.

As I mentioned earlier, the videos are well-made with clearly explained concepts and quality animations. The instructors Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr clearly know what they are talking about. And the creator of Vue, Evan You, explains core concepts in about half of the videos in Advanced Components which is incredible.

It is also nice to see that $5 of your monthly subscription goes directly to the Vue.js organization. Don’t forget that you can use the coupon code, AUSTINTACKABERRY25, to get 25% off a yearly subscription.

Happy coding!

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