Yahoo App Showing Error Mail Not Restore

How to Resolve Yahoo App Email Restoration Issue

Yahoo is one of the widely used web portal. It offers many features like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Directly and much more. Around 5 billion users visit Yahoo every month. With the help of Yahoo, you can communicate with your old friends, families and your loved ones. You can also send emails; share high-resolution images, attachments or any data which we want to share. Day by day yahoo is upgrading its features. You can also personalize your inbox with your favorite theme. There are a lot of features which are offered by Yahoo as they provide largest email storage memory than any other email provider as they offered 1 TB of initial storage.

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Yahoo uses one of the best technologies to keep your account secure. Yahoo keeps upgrading its features day by day to keep their user’s accounts safe. They provide many amazing features such as Yahoo Calendar- which help us to manage our time. Users can access yahoo from a number of platforms like iOS, Android or another web browser.

While trying to log in the yahoo app on your Android Device if you popped an error message displaying “SSL Error 5: Yahoo App showing Error Mail Not Restore error“. You’ll always see this error whenever you try to access Yahoo app in your android system.

This issue was reported several times by many ones to Yahoo helpdesk team via mail as they don’t have any official Yahoo technical support Number but its little time-consuming process. Don’t but tensed if you encounter with these kinds of problem as there are many autonomous companies which provide technical support to Yahoo.

For these kinds of issues, you need to update Android System Webview on your Android device. Follow these steps carefully to update Android System Web view to fix yahoo app problems:

· First, you need to go to the Google Play Store in your Android System.

· Then find Android System Web view by searching in the search box.

· Press Update to update Android System Web view to the latest version. If you face any issue while updating Android System Webview then simply contact Yahoo technical support team.

These simple steps will definitely fix your Yahoo app problem. If you face these kinds of error you just simply need to update Android System Web view on your Android System. For more information, you can contact yahoo help desk team.

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