Yahoo messenger is not able to connect to servers!! What to do??

If your internet is working properly, but Yahoo messenger is not connected, then maybe, there is the problem with your Messenger or internet explorer settings. To make a connection with Yahoo servers it uses internet settings of the internet explorer. The issue in the security configuration of the Internet Explorer is the reason when sometimes Yahoo messenger cannot connect to servers. If all the configurations are correct and you still aren’t able to sign into Yahoo messenger then you may need to uninstall and install the software again. May it will fix your issue. Here we are providing you some troubleshoot solution to fix your issue. Just go through these steps.

Yahoo Messenger Connection Configuration

· First, you need to open Yahoo Messenger, press “Messenger” and select “Connection Preferences” to open the Yahoo Messenger Preferences window.

· If you are not using a proxy server then you need to choose to Connect directly to the Internet. Select “Connect via a proxy server” if you are using a proxy server and then press “HTTP proxy” or “SOCKS proxy” to choose the type of proxy server. You need to enter the correct server name, port number, user ID and password into the given fields.

· Modify the Internet connection type from the “Internet connection” drop-down box. You can select “Dial-Up,” “Broadband “ or “High-speed “

· Press “OK” and then sign in using the correct login credentials.

Internet Explorer Connection Configuration

· Open Internet Explorer and go to the homepage of the Yahoo. If Internet Explorer can’t display the page, you need to check the configuration of the connection.

· Press on the gear icon and select “Internet Options” from the menu to view the Internet Options window.

· You need to press the “Connections” tab to see the network connections which is used by Internet Explorer to make a connection with the Internet.

· You need to choose the active network connection and press the “Settings” button. Make sure the settings are correct. If you are using a proxy, you need to check the “Use a proxy server for this connection” and then type the proxy settings into the “Address” and “Port” fields. Press the Advanced button to modify the advanced configuration of the proxy server.

· Press “OK” to terminate the window of the connections settings and then press “OK” to quit the Internet Explorer window. Sign in to Yahoo Messenger using your Yahoo credentials.

Yahoo Messenger Login Server Issues
· First, you need to open Internet Explorer on your system, press the gear icon and select “Internet Options” from the menu. Press the “LAN settings” button to access the Local Area Network configuration dialogue box.

· You need to check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and then you need to enter the address and port in the relevant fields.

· Press on the “Advanced” button to configure the advanced settings of the proxy. You need to type the proxy settings into the relevant fields and make sure the Secure and Port settings are configured properly.

· Press “OK” three times to apply the new settings and terminate all windows. Sign in to Yahoo Messenger.

By performing these troubleshoot solution; your problem may be resolved. If Yahoo messenger connection problem still occurs after executing these steps then you need to visit Yahoo help desk service page for help.

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