Pep Pushing Prominence in Manchester

Pep Guardiola is the newest manager for Manchester City and has been making a huge impact on and off the field; pulling the right strings to get his club in position to take the Premier League title.

On July 8, Pep Guardiola had his first press conference as the manager of Manchester City. He understood the pressures from the moment he took over.

Pep Guardiola at press conference as Manchester City Manager

“You have to win every day,” Guardiola said, “I know how difficult it is here in England to win four or five games in a row. It’s not easy”

Manchester City has been unstopable since Guardiola took over. They are 5–0 in Premier League games with a +11 goal differential. Also, the club demolished their opponents in three UEFA Champions League matches, by going undefeated with a +10 goal differential.

Since Pep took over, seven footballers have transfered in totaling £140.15. The most notable transfer was Claudio Bravo from F.C. Barcelona. These players have increased the City roster and the possibilities of what the club can become.

- Claudio Bravo after the match

Pep has also pushed people out of the door to make room for his players. Former City and England keeper, Joe Hart, has been loaned to Torino FC in Italy. He was replaced in goal by Bravo. In his first game, he had a clean sheet against AFC Bournemouth.

We have have to wait and see if Pep takes City to his promised land and once again be on top of the Premier League, but he has his team on the right track to get the job done. After all, is it so hard to imagine one club going through every competition undefeated?

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