Personal Website Design + Development is a personal website that I designed using Bootstrap. First, I used Balsamic to prototype the layout of the website as well as gathering the information necessary to make a aesthetically pleasing branding website. For the prototyping, I had simplicity in mind so I wanted to include as much elements as possible yet in a clean and minimal way. To do so, I focused on creating images that are both innovative and artistic. The following images are from my prototype:

As I was doing the prototyping process, I realized that it might be better if I keep all the pages into a one page template instead of having many. Therefore, I decided to use Bootstrap because of its grid system allows for exactly the design I need.

To start the development process, I downloaded a basic bootstrap template with some skeletal css and html files. I first changed and added color schemes and customizations to the main javascript and css classes to prepare the elements needed for the html file. And then, in my html file, I carefully designed each element of my website based on my prototyping and I was very lucky to get the pages look similar enough to them. I also tried out many different colors during the development process to make sure the website looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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