Is Joe Biden dog-whistling the alt-right?

Austin Zeli Videographer
Apr 25 · 3 min read
His young PC social media team are hyper race conscious and someone purposely created this graphic.

“I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice looking guy. I mean that’s a storybook man” ~ Joe Biden

After Obama declined to endorse Joe Biden. He posted the above “N” image on instagram seemingly in retaliation. In this crowded field Joe needed Obama’s endorsement and was betrayed. There are only 2 explanations in my mind: he plans to endorse someone else like Sanders or there is a grudge in the relationship of JoBama.

As a professional social media manager I can tell you that Presidential announcements go through a long chain of command before getting posted. Someone intentionally placed every photo in this collage.

Biden has no shortage of racist and sexist comments in his past. Born in 1942 he thoroughly supported segregation especially in schools being fully opposed to the idea of a mixed bus. His true colors have been on display for a long time. He lives out in the open, in fact secret service agents say that Biden makes their lives hell especially when he intentionally goes for a nude swim in front of his female security detail.

This old white man of 76 lived through the era of sexism and racism embracing it fully. However the alt-right is excited that finally a democrat is appealing to them as Joe puts Obama behind him with this intentional racist dogwhistle. The best thing about a dogwhistle is that you can deny it’s a dogwhistle. Regardless it’s working.

The honk honk political clown meme crowd are the Trump supporters who thinks Trump didn’t go far enough. The honkers hate him for giving money to Israel and post horrible anti-semetic memes. The alt-right white identitarians are bitter that they haven’t got their wall and look to the “Super-predator” dogwhistling democrats. Several of them have meme’d this attack on Obama as proof that’s he’s backing up his racist anti-immigration sentiment.

Others are wearing facebook profile pictures with the iconic white N with a blue filter mocking Biden. In these PC times a regular corporate democrat has to pull off great achievements. His record is terrible compared to Bernie Sanders who has always championed protesting for more civil rights. Furthermore Dark horse Andrew Yang businessman is proposing the first REAL tax cut by liquidating the political system and giving that excess money back to the people as 1000 dollars a month. Taxpayers and fiscal conservatives rejoiced at Andrew Yang’s science based anti-PC and anti-identity politics policy.

So how’s Joe Biden gonna compete with that? By dogwhistling the alt-right? Racist Creepy Uncle Joe, you’re not acting very presidential.

Austin Zeli Videographer

Written by

Tampa Journalist and wedding Videographer. Publicity stuntman. Yang Gang merch

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