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Lacking productivity and worthlessness are the same. Although that may sound like some harsh, capitalistic slogan for corporate America, it’s really just a blunt, but overlooked guiding life principle. I was on Quora and read the question: “What should I start doing in my 20s that I have nothing to regret at 40?” One of the top responses gave the advice to start building. The post goes on to elaborate on reasons why building what you can now allows you to have more leverage in the future. The relationships you build, the portfolios you create, and the skills you develop…

A simple “don’t give up,” is a dangerous statement. Not because it’s wrong, but because it fails to elaborate on the frustrating balancing act that we often have to do when pursuing our passions. It’s a balancing act between idealism and pragmatism. Between your dreams and reality. Between sticking it out or selling out.

A lot of us struggle with this balancing act. I see many that are pursuing the arts as careers and may be battling daily in the proverbial process of — “trying to make it.” I also see many people who reluctantly work their corporate jobs, dreaming…

Austin Tse

Curious about non-tangible systems.

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