(F)oem: Thomas Edison

(F)oem: Fun poem. The life of Thomas Edison

I was born in 1847

Into the world of growing industrialization

I had many questions for which I was despised for

But I knew I had something special inside me

An inventive mind and a dreaming capability

Nourished by the love my mother gave me

So in the end I grew pretty swell

I’ve lived my life pretty well

Achieving over 1000 patents

Me and my team, we were the dream

Creating to better live the way we live

Light bulbs, phonographs and more we’ve made

I am an Inventor

I believed in wonder, ideas, and innovation

Although I had to leave in October 18 1931

My dreams are still here - look all around you

Here it is the grandchildren of my invention

So say hello to the lightbulb that you open

It was made inspired by my own creation

— — —

“ Dare to fail as he did. Failing with an open mind and a challenged heart”

Short Biography of Thomas Edison:

Thomas Edison was born in February 11, 1847. He was a famous and prominent inventor during his time and accomplished over 1000 patented inventions which include the incandescent light bulb, the motion picture camera, the phonograph and more. His inventions were made to further benefit the lives of the people and, luckily for him during this time the 2nd Industrial Revolution was taking place. So, industries were growing and new techniques were being made to harvest raw material; which gave him a plethora of supplies to work with.

On another note, Edison grew up in Port Huron, Michigan. As a child he was known for his many questions about the world and how it works. Although asking many questions are a prominence to intelligence, growth, and curiosity; most of his teachers in his early age thought he was bothersome. In contrast, to what other people thought of him he became a very successful inventor who, instead of just asking questions, also answered them. His solutions or inventions were important contributors to the society we live in today. Without the introduction of the light bulb and the motion picture camera, who knows what our society will be up to today. Without Edison then who’ll invent all our home products that descended from his ideas?

Thank you